What is your favourite Doritos flavour? Chilli Heatwave? Cool original? Tangy Cheese? Well, there are two new options to try.

The crisp brand has parented with Snacks.com to release two cool new limited edition flavours that you need to get your hands on.

Doritos’ new additions are Ketchup and Mustard. Yes, you heard that right! Read on to find how to try the exciting new additions…

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Doritos Launches Ketchup and Mustard flavour

Doritos has launched two new flavours which are both inspired by condiments.

The first one it Classic Ketchup, which of course tastes like the sweet, tomato-based sauce that is famous worldwide.

Ketchup Doritos actually launched in Canada years ago and were a huge success, so they brought them back in June 2022.

However, this is the first time that Ketchup Doritos have every launched in the United States and crisp fans can’t wait to get their hands on them.

The second flavour is Spicy Mustard, which is inspired by Chinese hot mustard and is a brand new exclusive Doritos flavour.

This is the first time Spicy Mustard Doritos have ever been on sale, but you’ll have to be quick because both flavours will only be available for a limited time.

How to get your hands on them

Ketchup and Mustard Doritos are exclusively available on Snacks.com in the United States and can be bought here.

Both flavours cost$5.59 for a 9.25oz bag and Snacks.com delivers to most states across America.

Doritos hasn’t revealed how long the flavours will be available, but the products say “limited time” and “limited quantity available”.

Once you’ve placed your order, it will be packed, shipped and arrive in 5-7  business days from the time your order is confirmed.

Shipping is free over $15 and the site doesn’t ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and other international locations.

New flavours get mixed opinions

Loads of people have placed an order already:

Others aren’t so keen:

Some think Mustard Doritos sound brilliant:

Whilst others think the world has gone mad:

What is life coming to:

Certainly sounds interesting:

Head to Snacks.com now to order some whilst stocks last.