Fans of YouTuber MrBeast are confused and furious after another round of rumors about the YouTuber’s death have been making their rounds on the Internet.

Rumors that the streaming giant has died were circling in 2021, and now they’re back again.

However, we can confirm that MrBeast is alive and well.

No, MrBeast is not dead

If you’re on Twitter you might have come across some posts claiming MrBeast has passed away.

But he is alive and well and celebrating reaching 100 million subscribers on YouTube.

This isn’t even the first time it’s happened to him.

Last year, a tweet shared by user Anything Bot included a picture of the YouTuber with the caption “MrBeast has sadly passed away.”

The post went viral and sent fans into a panic.

However, the bio clearly stated: “NOTE: Our tweets are jokes so don’t take them seriously.”

The YouTuber is alive and active on social media

MrBeast has been actively sharing posts on his social media accounts even after tweets about his death was shared.

At the time of writing, he last tweeted just 10 hours ago to express his disbelief at how much his channel has grown.

Angry fans shut down death rumors

When rumors about MrBeast’s death first started last year, angry fans slammed the person behind the account responsible for the hoax.

One tweeted: “STOP TELLING LIES about Mr beast because he was on a Jimmy Kimmel show talking about a donation and helping out to get rid of trash on the beach. He’s not dead. Mr beast is not dead”

Another wrote: “Why would you believe it when he was perfectly well hours ago and had literally no physically problems”

“Full bag of cap, he’s still alive and he’s living his best life right now,” said another fan.