The Rust Twitch Rivals 2 contest begins this week, bringing together four teams of forty players and a new range of Rust Twitch Drops for gamers to earn.

UPDATE: The Rust Twitch Rivals 2 Event has begun, with the team captains and Twitch Drops listed in this article. The end date for Rust Twitch Rivals has been set for Saturday, August 13, at 2pm PDT, with the following rules in place:

  • Starting Day 3, all Main Bases can be raided.
  • Teams eliminated if their Tool Cupboard is destroyed.
  • ONLY 1 Tool Cupboard can be destroyed per Elimination Day.
  • Once one Tool Cupboard is destroyed, the elimination round is over, and the next will occur on the following day. All Main Base raiding is ceased, players inside opposing teams’ bases are teleported out.
  • If no Tool Cupboard is destroyed at the end of an elimination window, the team with the fewest kills is eliminated.
  • Main bases can only be destroyed/raided during elimination windows.
  • Sleeping bags only permitted on enemy islands during elimination windows
  • Teams will have a 17×17 Main Base plot on their team island; Teams will have a 2nd plot (marked with snow line) which is not raid protected.
  • Resource farming will be at 1x for the first 24 hours and set to 2x for the last 76 hours.

ORIGINAL TWITCH DROPS NEWS: Eight items will be available to those tuning in as part of the Rust Twitch Drops event, and there will also be more unlockable rewards during August 2022 for those fans who watch specific streams during the Twitch Rivals competition.

Here’s everything we know so far regarding this week’s big eSports event offering a $100,000 prize pool, and how best to watch it.

Rust Console Edition | Offshore Blowout Trailer

Rust Console Edition | Offshore Blowout Trailer

Rust Twitch Rivals 2 Start Time & Teams

The Rust Twitch Rivals 2 event starts on Tuesday, August 9, at 10am PT / 6pm BST, with the competition running over five days and including Two NA teams and Two EMEA teams.

During this time, Rust Twitch drops will be enabled from selected participating channels and well-known streamers, such as hJune, Mendo, Welyn, Bchillz, Willjum, and Panpots.

Rewards will also be available for those who tune in and follow the team captains: Thegrefg, dhalucard, xqc and Disguised Toast.

The Broadcast Schedule, as confirmed by Twitch Rivals, is as follows:

  • Day 1 Broadcast: 9 August, 10am-2pm PDT (19:00 – 23:00 CEST)
  • Day 2 Broadcast: 10 August, 10am-2pm PDT (19:00 – 23:00 CEST)
  • Day 3 Broadcast: 11 August, 10am-2pm PDT (19:00 – 23:00 CEST)
  • Day 4 Broadcast: 12 August, 10am-2pm PDT (19:00 – 23:00 CEST)
  • Day 5 Broadcast: 13 August, 10am-2pm PDT (19:00 – 23:00 CEST).

New Rust Twitch Drops For August 2022

According to the official description for the event, the first few days will see the four teams build up their bases and supplies, before trying to eliminate each other from day 3 onwards, with the last man standing on day 5.

For those looking to unlock as much loot as possible, you will need to make sure you’re watching a Rust stream with the Drops Enabled tag. These will be the only ones that count towards the general drops. There will also be streamer-specific drops that require fans to watch a specific streamer to get the drop connected to their channel.

And below, you can find out what’s available to unlock by watching specific Twitch streamers & Streams:

  • Xqc: Sheet Metal Double Door – 2 Hours
  • Mendo: Metal Face Mask – 2 Hours
  • Disguisedtoast: Large Wood Box – 2 Hours
  • Metal Face Mask – 4 Hours
  • Hjune: Sheet Metal Door – 2 Hours
  • Dhalucard: Hoodie – 2 Hours
  • Willjum: Bandana – 2 Hours
  • Thegrefg: Assault Rifle – 2 Hours
  • Panpots: Garage Door – 2 Hours
  • Twitchrivals: Rug – 1 Hour
  • Lr-300 – 3 Hours

The General Drops available across all selected drop-enabled Rust streams are as follows:

  • Twitch Trophy – 1 Hour
  • Pants – 3 Hours
  • Garage Door – 5 Hours
  • T-Shirt – 7 Hours
  • Furnace – 9 Hours
  • Jackhammer – 11 Hours

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