Over the past few months, mother Jacquelyn, who runs the TikTok account Wren Eleanor with her daughter, has been hit with a number of allegations – which she has denied.

TikTok users began claiming that three-year-old Wren was in danger and that some of Jacquelyn’s videos were exploiting her, Rolling Stone reports.

However, Jacquelyn, who has 17.3 million followers on the platform and shares adorable clips of toddler Wren doing everyday activities, has denied the accusations in a new statement.

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Wren’s mother says rumors are “100% false”

After comments about her daughter’s safety flooded her TikTok videos for weeks, Jacquelyn posted a statement on Instagram on Friday (August 5) in which she shut down the rumors once and for all.

The past few months have been incredibly distressing and I’ve learned a lot,” she said before revealing that the “rumors are 100% false.”

“I’m not sure how this conspiracy theory got started. Nobody has presented any real evidence,” she continued before saying no law enforcement has found any proof that her daughter is on “inappropriate websites”.

“What is true: Wren is a happy, healthy three year old and has fun joining in when we make our TikTok videos for my account,” Jacquelyn said.

She continued to say that the videos are “fun and lighthearted” and have allowed her to raise and provide for her daughter as a stay-at-home mom and “set aside money for Wren and her future”.

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Wren is safe and there is no evidence of wrongdoing

Wren’s mother went on to explain the “precautions” she has taken to protect Wren including “turning off the ability to download or Duet our videos”.

“My TikTok analytics show that my account followers are 76.8 percent female – that’s more than 13 million females, including lots of moms and I am grateful for their interest and support,” she continued.

However, she added that there are individuals out there with “twisted minds” and “online predators that prey on children”.   

“No images of my daughter have been found on any inappropriate sites,” she assured viewers. “Not one person has presented real, tangible proof that these allegations are true.”

“I am a determined single working mother, doing my very best to raise Wren. If these false rumors have prompted parents to re-think how they let their kids be involved in social media, that is a good thing.”

Jacquelyn went on to list a few videos, such as Wren eating a corndog and wearing a swimsuit were not “suggestive behavior”.

Upon turning her TikTok comments back on, Wren’s mother will seek to remove offensive comments and report and block accounts where necessary as she continues to make fun videos.


FALSE RUMORS: What You Need To Know

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Jacquelyn shares video statement on TikTok

Jacquelyn also took to TikTok on Friday to share a video message with her followers.

In the clip, which has already had 2.8 million views, she read out a shorter version of the same Instagram statement to her TikTok followers.

Many have shown their support in the comments, with one person writing: “You and Wren bring a smile to my face every day and I’m sorry you have to deal with this. Keep enjoying your daughter and don’t listen to these people.”

Another said: “I’ve been following you for a while and I truly believe she’s happy and that you’re a great mom.”

“People will always find a reason to attack successful women, especially single moms. You know what’s best for your baby, and you’re doing amazing,” a third person wrote.

Another added: “You’re an amazing momma! They say happy babies know they’re loved and she is clearly a happy girl. Keep being awesome!”

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