Black Bird is one of the best prison dramas in recent memory, but what happened to Larry Hall and Jimmy Keene after the events of the show?

Black Bird sadly flew under the radar for many people, with the drama’s six-episode broadcast on Apple TV coming to a close yesterday, August 5.

Undoubtedly one of the best prison dramas in recent memory, Black Bird will have you on the edge of your seat, clenching your fists in rage and biting your nails almost every single episode.

Both Taron Egerton and Paul Walter Hauser give award-winning performances as inmates Jimmy Keene and Larry Hall but following the events of Black Bird, what happened to the two?

Black Bird | Official Trailer | Apple TV+

Black Bird | Official Trailer | Apple TV+

What happened to Jimmy Keene?

After Jimmy Keene was finally able to get in contact with the FBI during the final days of his prison stay to reveal Hall’s confessions, his sentence was lifted; one and a half years into his 10-year stint.

As noted in episode 6 of the excellent Black Bird series, Keene would reportedly go on to start a successful business venture and even helped law enforcement with profiling serial killers.

Keene released his memoir in 2010, titled In With The Devil: A Fallen Hero, A Serial Killer, And a Dangerous Bargain for Redemption with writer Hillel Levin.

The book was initially planned to be made into a film with Brad Pitt playing Jimmy; however, the story would then be reimagined for TV, with Apple TV and Egerton eventually getting the call.

Keene would serve as an executive producer on the series. Speaking to The Radio Times, Egerton noted how Keene actually “cameoed in the show, which was great fun, at a very intense, emotional, dramatic part of the story.

“But he’s a really nice guy and he was very pleased that I got in the shape I got into to play him. He just seemed really pleased and excited and grateful that we were going to such pains to tell his story in the best way we could.”

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What happened to Larry Hall?

In the Black Bird finale, it was shown that Larry Hall would lose his appeal because of the added information provided by Jimmy Keene’s experience with Hall in prison.

Over the next two decades, Hall would confess to several more murders, including the killings of Laurie Depies and Eulalia Mylia Chavez, although he would later recant all statements.

Newsweek states that “Police are now looking to find physical evidence to link Hall to the crime” of Depies’ 1992 disappearance.

Hello Magazine notes that “Police suspect that he may have been responsible for the murders of up to 40 women.”

“I did a good deed, and I did a lot of good things. That’s where I feel the redemption comes in. I’ve done something good for the things that I did wrong.” – Jimmy Keene, via Digital Spy [citing Dateline].

Hall remains incarcerated in a medium-security federal prison in Butner, North Carolina, where he will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Paul Walter Hauser opens up about Black Bird

Between Richard Jewell and now Black Bird, Paul Walter Hauser is quickly becoming an icon of dark and mysterious roles. The 35-year-old Michigan-native recently sat down with Awards Radar to talk about his performance in Black Bird as the terrifying Hall.

It turns out that Hauser is a big prison-story fan, noting: “I love the book of Orange is the New Black. I love Frank Darabont’s prison movies. I think that movie A Prophet is amazing. For me, that was a huge draw. I didn’t even look at it like I’m doing a serial killer, I looked at it as, oh, you get to do a prison story.”

“I just looked at him like a real person. If you look at him like a serial killer, you end up playing it big and stupid. I relate to his loneliness, feeling outcast. We’ve all had feelings of wanting to lash out,” he added.

Hauser explained how “I just played on those things rather than tried to build upon these things he had as far as his appetite. I don’t have an appetite for hurting people or illegal sexuality.”

He added: “That’s not part of my DNA. I do know what it’s like to be convicted and have deep convictions, to be obsessed, to be angry. So you draw on those things. It’s not that hard, because you have embodied some of those emotions, even when the content is foreign.”

You can listen to the full interview here.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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