The return of Verdansk is wanted by fans, even though there seems very little chance of it appearing during Call of Duty Warzone Season 5.

However, while there is nothing to suggest that the level will be arriving anytime soon, that hasn’t stopped fans from taking on the task of bringing it back.

And a new petition looking to do just that is building momentum that fans hope could see changes made in the future.

Call of Duty Vanguard & Warzone | Terminator 2: Judgment Day Bundle Trailer

Call of Duty Vanguard & Warzone | Terminator 2: Judgment Day Bundle Trailer

Is Verdansk Coming Back To Call Of Duty Warzone?

No, Verdansk is not coming back to Call of Duty Warzone, and developers Raven Software has stated that the current version on PS4, Xbox One and PC isn’t built to support map rotations.

So, to bring back Verdansk would mean removing Caldera and giving players another large download to install. And as Raven has stated that each big download has seen a drop in player numbers, and this probably isn’t something they planned on doing in 2022.

However, fans hope to persuade Activision and Raven that bringing back Verdansk is a good idea.

A new petition has been put online that wants to see a classic mode released that cuts out WWII content and focuses on Verdansk and modern weapons. The official description explains:

“We are not asking you to destroy Caldera. We are simply asking you to give us options. Give us back Verdansk and modern weapons. Call it “Classic Mode” or whatever you find suitable. That’s our only wish this Christmas.

“Before the launch of Caldera, I personally could all day look forward to getting home so I could fly to Verdansk with my squad and enjoy many hours of the game. We need that excitement back. We don’t have it with Caldera. We want Verdansk!”

The petition is currently heading toward 15,000 signatures, and while it’s unlikely to achieve its goal, it shows just how passionate fans are to play Verdansk one more time before Warzone 2.0 arrives in 2022.

While the Verdansk return might be off the cards on console, Activision has hinted that is could be coming back to the Call of Duty franchise on a different platform. There is a chance that a mobile version of the Battle Royale game could arrive next year that includes Verdansk as a map option.

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