For many fans of the Predator franchise, Prey will be the movie they have been waiting years for. Decades even.

Taking a trip down memory lane, 1987 saw the release of a little film called Predator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Directed by John McTiernan, this action sci-fi mash-up pitted a bunch of gun-wielding strongmen against an unknown alien threat.

It has gone down in history as one of the most iconic cinematic monuments of the 1980s. On the other hand, essentially all of the sequels and spin-offs featuring the character have been divisive. After two AvP spin-offs and three more installments in the main series later, we have arrived at Prey.

There has long been potential for a Predator prequel and that’s exactly what Dan Trachtenberg delivers, whisking audiences back to 1719 and the franchise itself back to its roots.

Since it was unveiled on Hulu and Disney+ on Friday, August 5th, thoughts have swiftly turned to Prey 2 potential. So, does the director have plans for a Prey sequel?

Prey | cr. 20th Century Studios

Does Dan Trachtenberg have plans for Prey sequel On Hulu?

Yes, the American filmmaker recently opened up to Time Out about the potential for a Hulu Prey sequel while revealing they already have plenty of ideas:

“There are a lot of exciting ideas for what could be next for the franchise. The things that most excite me are the boldest swings and I think there’s scope to do other things that haven’t been done before.”

Although Dan has been vocal about ideas to take the franchise forward, a sequel has not been officially greenlit or confirmed by 20th Century Studios. Nevertheless, it’s arguably still early days and the movie’s performance will likely be measured on Hulu and Disney+ before a decision to begin work on more is determined.

With Prey being the seventh movie in the Predator franchise, however, we predict there will be more to come, especially considering the positive critical and general audience reaction to the prequel.


How is Prey 2 set up?

At the end of the movie, Naru (played by Amber Midthunder) uses the Predator’s own technology against it and kills it.

She returns to her tribe with the Predator’s severed head and is celebrated as a hunter at long last by her people. However, she informs them that they must move quickly as there is still a looming threat nearby.

Of course, she could be referring to the French fur trappers that she encountered earlier in the movie. She took down some of them and so did the Predator but there’s always the chance she knows there are more and she’s already established that they’re hostile.

On the other hand, she may believe that this Predator isn’t the last of them. Indeed, Dan Trachtenberg told SFX Magzine [per Bloody Disgusting] that “the Predator creature in this one, this is its first time travelling to Earth.” As this is set before the 1987 film, we know that the species returns to hunt.

Prey | Official Trailer

Prey | Official Trailer

The pistol teases more to come

However, the biggest way it sets up a sequel is through the pistol

Naru is given a pistol by one of the French traders that has the name Raphael Adolini and the date 1715 on it.

This is the very same gun that Danny Glover’s Lieutenant Mike Harrigan was given at the end of Predator 2 by Predators. This raises the question of how the aliens got it back from the Comanche tribe, likely suggesting that more Predators return to take them on after one of their own is killed.

Prey is streaming exclusively on Hulu and Disney+.

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