Disney+ K-drama Big Mouth is off to a fierce beginning and the third installment of the popular thriller show is almost here. Take a look at Big Mouth episode 3 preview below.

Starring one of the most popular K-drama heartthrobs of this decade, Lee Jongsuk and Girls’ Generation stunner Yoona, the latest MBC and Disney+ k-drama Big Mouth is a hardcore thriller that has garnered an impressive 7.7 ratings on IMDb with the first two episodes.

Jongsuk as Park Changho is awe-inspiring as you find yourself getting goosebumps when the prison scenes play out where Changho has lost all his fear of backing down. Yoona as Miho is formidable as fans can’t praise the actress enough for portraying the role to perfection.

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Release time of Big Mouth on Disney Plus

Big Mouth episode 3 will be airing on August 5th at 9.50 PM KST/ 8.50 AM ET on MBC.

The drama will be available with subtitles on Disney+ in multiple countries approximately around 12 AM KST/ 11 AM ET.

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Preview of episode 3

The preview of Big Mouth ep 3 shows that Miho has now got the job at Gucheon Hospital where Hyun Joo-hee( Mayor Do-ha’s wife) is the director. While Miho tries to unearth clues from the hospital, Changho has become somewhat influential in the prison where he is now revered.

But against unseen forces who are immensely powerful, Miho and Changho’s plight is far from being over as Jihoon (Yang Kyung-won) instructs the prison to keep Changho alive at any cost. Episode 3 will shed more light on knowing who are the people who framed Changho.

Take a look at the preview below.

Ratings of episodes 1 and 2

Big Mouth is off to an impressive start with steady ratings on episodes 1 and 2. According to the Nielson Korea chart, episode 2 of Big Mouth clocked 6.1% nationwide ratings while episode 1 had 6.2%.

Internationally, Big Mouth has got 8.8 on My Drama List and 7.7 on IMDb.

Check out more of Big Mouth‘s behind-the-scenes footage here.

Watch Big Mouth on August 5th at 9.50 PM KST on MBC and later on Disney+ at 12 AM KST/ 11 AM ET.

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