Will there be a Third Overwatch 2 beta before the game releases in October 4, 2022? That’s the question fans have had answered this week.

Having switched to a free-to-play format, OW2 has the chance of dominating the team shooter genre again later this year and beyond.

But some concerned fans are hoping that Blizzard hosts another high-scale testing period so that things can run as smoothly as possible.

Overwatch 2 – Gameplay Trailer

Overwatch 2 – Gameplay Trailer

Will There Be A Third Overwatch 2 Beta?

Blizzard has confirmed that there will not be a third Overwatch 2 beta hosted on public servers in 2022.

While the first two made it possible to experience the PvP side of the game, there are no plans to repeat this on PC, Xbox or PlayStation platforms.

The news was shared earlier this week by Jon Spector, Overwatch Commercial Leader & VP at Blizzard, who confirmed that a third Overwatch 2 beta test was not being planned, at least for public audiences.

The game is still being regularly tested in the lead-up to launch, but there would be no need to gather more data before the big launch in October. The full message shared by Spector on Twitter reads:

“Today marks just 2 months until Overwatch 2’s launch! We know players are eager to dive in and have seen questions about the possibility of a third public Beta. While we will continue testing OW2 daily internally, we’re not planning any additional public Beta tests.

“With all the valuable feedback we received from our alpha and 2 public beta tests, we will be focusing our efforts on launching the best game possible on Oct. 4.”

While a third Overwatch 2 beta is not being planned, gamers will still be able to play through a new event in the current game this summer. The Overwatch Anniversary Remix Vol 3 is expected to kick off later this month, offering up returning cosmetics and some remixed designs. Access to all the normal Summer Games content will also be included, although no set date for release has been shared yet.

As always, fans will want to track all the latest news regarding the Overwatch franchise via its social media channels, which is where the Remixe event dates will be shared.

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