The Lion Gate portal is all set to open on 8/8 2022, but how do you manifest during this day?

Following the new moon and the spiritual power that it got with it, now people can look forward to the opening of the Lion Gate portal.

Like every year, 2022 is no different as the portal is all set to open on 8/8 and this is also a period where you can manifest.

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What is manifestation?

Manifestation is the simple method where you say or write down your dreams and aspirations with the objective that the universe will work with you to make them into a reality.

People have been talking about this phenomenon for ages and it has now become a trending topic on social media. In fact, there are several users who have come forward and claimed that they have been able to achieve things through manifestations.

While there is no scientific evidence of this working, people are sure that it is something worth trying and believing.

What is the Lion Gate portal a.k.a. 8/8 portal

The Lion Gate portal is a phenomenon where positive energy is at its peak. It is also considered to be a great day for manifestation as the portal opens during Leo, a sinh that is known for its strength and pride.

As per Woman and Home, this day is also known for its abundance as the number eight also symbolizes infinity. This period is considered to be really lucky for anyone who wants to grow as an individual and make some changes in their life.

If you are someone who had been meaning to walk a new journey spiritually, this will be the time for you as the positive energy spreads the universe.

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How to manifest during this time

To manifest, first, write down your aspirations. This can be anything. Right from the dream job that you want to land or how you want to grow spiritually.

Once you have this in place, say these aspirations out loud or write them down. This is done to make sure that the universe can hear what you want and help you get that.

Lastly, visualize these things. Picture them as you close your eyes and make them as realistic as you can by focusing on every small detail. To make sure you are in the right mindset, we would suggest putting on a playlist that helps you concentrate and focus.

One of the methods that is gaining a lot of attention on TikTok is the 368 method. In this, you choose three aspirations, write or say them out loud six times, and visualize them nine times.

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