Lots of people want to know how to romance the Huntress in the newly released DBD dating sim Hooked On You, and the options to woo the original Dead By Daylight killer are pretty straightforward.

Dead By Daylight fans were treated to BeHaviour Interactive’s first Beyond livestream yesterday and it was a fantastic showcase. Not only did it result in the surprise release of Hooked On You, but it also confirmed the imminent arrivals of Albert Wesker, Rebecca Chambers, and Ada Wong.

We cannot wait for the arrival of Resident Evil Project W, but – before then – you can take to the beach to romance a very muscular killer.

Dead by Daylight| Hooked on You Announcement Trailer

Dead by Daylight| Hooked on You Announcement Trailer

How to romance the Huntress in DBD dating sim

There’s a few things to keep in mind when wanting to know how to romance the Huntress in the Dead By Daylight dating sim Hooked On You:

  • She doesn’t need protecting
  • She’s family driven
  • She has a fondness for trinkets

Obviously choose decisions that cater to her instead of the other Killers. This means hanging out with her, choosing her interests, and not killing her when given the choice of eliminating one of the Love Island contestants. Also perform well at the mini-games when they pop up.

Aside from all of the above basics, below is what to do in certain specific instances:

  • Say ‘Average’ when asked how attractive you think you are (she’ll say she thinks you’re cute like a chipmunk)
  • Choose ‘History’ for best subject in school
  • Select ‘Red’ as favourite colour
  • Choose Volleyball Beach picture for where to go
  • Choose Volleyball Beach picture again as your activity
  • Accept jerky from her on the beach after completing the hatchet throwing mini-game. Put the trinket in her hair.
  • Choose her to tell a story around the campfire on night one and join in singing with her (do not make a joke).
  • Choose to hang out with Huntress instead of the Spirit.
  • Don’t try to protect her from the attacking crabs.
  • Say ‘of course’ when she asks about starting a family.
  • Select Huntress when asked who should receive the flowers and who you want to spend the day with.
  • Pick Angler Fish Mask.
  • Pick the following mushrooms in the specific order: Left, left, right (basically choose the ones that don’t look rotten).
  • Kill any of the romance options besides the Huntress.
  • After going on a date with Huntress on the Trapper’s yacht and finding her four trinkets, you must then choose the Underground Tunnel instead of Forest.
  • When you have returned to the cabin, say ‘of course’ when her dead mother appears and say your intention is ‘to start a family’.
  • Choose to help Huntress kill Dwight and Claudette so you can return to her a cabin for steamy fun.
  • Say you ‘love her too’ on the final day.

And that’s all you need to do to romance the Huntress in Hooked On You. You can see the romance scene back in the cabin with Huntress over on DStrike‘s YouTube channel.

Dead By Daylight Hooked On You romance options

Aside from the Huntress, below are the other romance options in the Dead By Daylight dating sim Hooked On You:

The Trapper:

  • He’s an apex alpha male and chiseled man-mountain who enjoys killing in caves, beaches, and pools. Put in the work to find the trapdoor to his heart and you’ll quickly learn why he’s worth snaring. Or mess up and become his latest victim.

The Wraith:

  • The Wraith is so much more than pure sex appeal. There’s a quiet, inquisitive, sensitive boy underneath that sinewy man. Did that come out super weird? Yes, it did. Are we going to change it? No, because The Wraith wouldn’t. He’ll embrace you no matter how super weird you are, and that’s what makes him special.

The Spirit:

  • The Spirit isn’t your average goth girlfriend with a love for all things ghostly – she’s a literal ghost. You can find her hanging in the shade with a stack of classic horror novels, avoiding whatever lame beach activities everyone else is into. She isn’t competing for your heart. If she wanted it, she’d just cut it out with her katana.

All of the above romance options and their Love Island bios come courtesy of the official Hooked On You website.

The Huntress and Spirit are the most visually appealing, whereas the Trapper is one of the funniest. All of them are worth romancing and it shouldn’t take you too long to complete all of their routes.

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