New information has been shared regarding what the MultiVersus Battle Pass Price will be for Season One when it arrives later this month.

There’s already a preseason version available to buy now, and includes plenty of challenges to complete during the open beta.

But with preseason drawing to a close and MultVersus Season One just around the corner, fans are curious to learn more about what is being planned.

MultiVersus | Official Gameplay Trailer

MultiVersus | Official Gameplay Trailer

What Is The MultiVersus Battle Pass Price For Season One?

Game director Tony Huynh has revealed that the MultiVersus Battle Pass Price for Season One will likely cost 950 Gleamium.

For those that don’t know, Gleamium is a secondary in-game currency that can only be purchased with real money through the PlayStation, Microsoft, and PC (Steam and Epic Games Store) online stores.

And based on the current packs you can buy, the MultiVersus Battle Pass Price for Season One will be $9.99 / £7.99, depending on your region.

And it will be up to gamers to decide whether the new MultiVersus Battle Pass will be worth the money, with 50 Tiers expected to be confirmed for it later this month. But it should also be noted that items earned from a MultiVersus Battle Pass are not exclusive. This means that they could become unlockable through different means that won’t cost any money at a later date.

A message from Warner Bros Games adds: “MultiVersus has a Preseason Battle Pass, which allows players to complete challenges and unlock in-game rewards. There is a free option open to all players and a premium option requiring an in-game purchase to participate. The Preseason Battle Pass is live now through Aug. 8, followed by a full Season 1 Battle Pass beginning Aug. 9. All player progression and rewards unlocked from the Preseason Battle Pass will carry over through the life of the game.”

More news regarding the MultiVersus Battle Pass is expected to be shared this weekend during Evo 2022; however, the development team could hold off until next week before revealing what they have planned. There’s been no word on whether a new update will be released next week for the Battle Pass, but we already know that several characters are scheduled to be buffed and nerfed sometime after August 6.

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