Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul ran into a familiar face recently: the Peekaboo boy Jesse Pinkman meets in the hit series.

Fan favourite duo Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston, who portray meth-cooking partners Jesse Pinkman and Walt White in Breaking Bad, made a comeback to the AMC screens.

Their cameos appeared in the latest episode of Better Call Saul on Monday night (August, 1 2022). Fans expected their return given the confirmation by showrunner Peter Gould back in April.

One thing that viewers didn’t see coming was the reunion between Paul and Carr twins. They are better known as the young boy seen in Breaking Bad season 2 episode 6, Peekaboo.

Screenshot from Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul official YouTube channel – Jesse Pinkman Plays Peekaboo | Peekaboo | Breaking Bad

Jesse Pinkman and Breaking Bad Peekaboo boy reunite at Costco

In the midst of signing alcohol bottles at the wholesaler, Paul is unknowingly approached by his former cast members, Dylan and Brandon Carr.

Although now unrecognisable teenagers, the Jesse actor knew who they were instantly. He exclaiming “oh wow, no way, great to see you guys,” before asking someone in the crowd to snap a photo.

He was left speechless as he threw up his hands and looked around.

According to fans, the reunion occurred on Saturday (July 30).

Cranston seemingly had no clue who they were and resumed his autograph duties until Paul clarified their identity.

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We had no idea Spooge’s son was portrayed by two actors, but it’s understandable as child entertainment laws are strict.

Many huge roles are landed by siblings as they can be swapped out during filming. That being said, Ben from Friends was portrayed by Cole Sprouse only, and not his twin brother also.

The US Department Of Labor states children under the age of sixteen can only work 18 hours a week during a school week in New Mexico.

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Peekaboo praised by fans for eye-opening plot

In Breaking Bad, Jesse runs into the young boy during his attempt to retrieve stolen drugs and cash from his parents, who took them from Skinny Pete.

Abandoned in the run-down home, he plays the titular game to cheer up the dishevelled boy. It manages to crack a smile.

The episode has been celebrated for showing the devastating effects of drugs on families and children, particularly when they’re abandoned by parents.

The scene was also applauded for revealing Jesse’s softer side, rather than only portraying him as a meth-cooking criminal and addict.

“I actually think Peekaboo is its best episode because it establishes that Jesse Pinkman at heart is a good person,” one commented.


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