One Piece author Eiichiro Oda has said that he plans to end the manga series in three years, but noted that fans could impact these plans.

No matter which manga series is your go-to on a weekend, or which story first got you into reading manga; there is arguably no other series that is either more iconic or stooped in history than One Piece.

The iconic Pirating adventure series has long been known to be shortly entering its final arc, which actually started in last week’s instalment, chapter 1054.

However, author Eiichiro Oda has now given an important update regarding the future of the series, noting how his plan is to end the manga in just three years’ time – here’s everything you need to know.  

One Piece Film Red | Trailer2

One Piece Film Red | Trailer2

Eiichiro Oda says One Piece could end in just 3 years

This week, One Piece author Eiichiro Oda sat down for an interview with Gosho Aoyama, in which he clarified his plans for when the iconic manga would reach its end.

As transcribed by WSJ_manga on Twitter, Oda noted how “I shouldn’t really say this out loud, because so far I have been pretty off, but as of now it’s a three-year end goal.”

There had previously been reports that the manga would reach its conclusion in around five years’ time, but the Twitter thread did explain how there was “no direct reiteration of [the] 5 years [end goal].

“I’m not sure how many years it will take…I have answered this question so many times already [that] I have lost credibility, so I don’t think I should answer.” – Eiichiro Oda, via WSJ_manga Twitter.

It is true that the ending of One Piece has already been a hot topic; in 2019, Oda predicted that the series would end between 2024 and 2025.

He would then add how the ending was decided in the beginning and that he was committed to seeing it through but later admitted that he would be willing to change the ending if fans were able to predict it ahead of time.

This would be addressed again in the aforementioned interview with Gosho Aoyama, who asked “You never really know, characters move a lot” to which Oda responded with “We’re all navigators.”

The manga has only just returned from its one-month hiatus, which amongst other reasons, was to allow preparations for the final saga to begin with chapter 1054 – which was released on Sunday, July 24th.

Does Oda have any other manga titles in his resume?

Yes, Eiichiro Oda has penned several other manga stories, both before and after the serialisation of the One Piece series started in 1997.

His professional debut actually came in 1992 when he released a series called ‘Wanted!’, which was followed by ‘God’s Present for the Future’ and ‘Ikki Yako’ in 1993.

Oda would then release ‘Monsters’ in 1994, before two separate versions of his ‘Romance Dawn’ story in 1996 – arguably his most famous work after One Piece, which started the next year.

1998 would see Oda release the ‘Wanted! Eiichiro Oda Short Stories’, which contained collections of all the previously mentioned stories.

It wouldn’t be until 2007 when Oda penned a story that wasn’t the iconic One Piece series, a crossover with Dragon Ball’s Akira Toriyama called ‘Cross Epoch’.

The last entry of Oda’s resume would be another crossover project in 2011, this time with Toriko author Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro called ‘Taste of the Devil Books’.

When One Piece eventually reaches its final chapter, Eiichiro Oda will undoubtedly deserve an extremely long vacation after so many years of dedicated work; however, there is always the chance that he could return for more one-shot series like he previously produced, collaborations with other authors of even some One Piece side stories.

In either scenario, we still have several years of treasure hunting left to enjoy before One Piece manga does reach its end.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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