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Aston Villa stars could wrack up some sizable bills if they were late for training under Dean Smith after the list of rules the former Villans manager set his players was leaked online.

The Birmingham outfit moved on from Smith in November, with Steven Gerrard brought in from Rangers as his successor. Villa went on to end the last Premier League season in 14th place, while Smith endured relegation to the Championship after taking over Norwich City.

If players were ever late for training under Smith at Aston Villa though, it could cost them a base £500, with another £200 every minute that they were not on the pitches at the club’s facilities and £100 if they also forget a GPS, a list The Upshot shared on Twitter now shows.

Dean Smith took key issue with lateness in leaked Aston Villa fines list

Lateness was clearly an issue for Smith, who also fined his stars £1,000 for failing to arrive on time for all meetings, team walks and coaches come game days. Aston Villa players also received £200 fines for each minute that they were late for the bus to games or a meeting.

Failing to adhere to Aston Villa’s strict rules for attire at games also resulted in a £100 fine for each incorrect item of clothing. Players were not allowed to arrive at matches wearing shorts, as they had to turn up wearing the Villans’ designated tracksuits and in a polo shirt.

Not wearing flip flops in showers also resulted in a £100 fine, while forgetting to bring in cakes on a player’s birthday saw that star fined £50 a day. Parking illegally, either at the team’s facilities or in their day-to-day life away from the club, also led to fines of £100.

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Aston Villa stars punished for any poor attitudes at Bodymoor Heath

Further £100 an item fines could follow at Bodymoor Heath for all plates and cups left at a dinner table, or £100 an item for leaving training kit on the pitches. Players arriving late for treatment were also fined £200, and fined £200 for failing to report new injuries by 10am.

Being called the worst trainer in small-sided games for matchday one by the winning team could also see that player given a jumper branded ‘I was the worst trainer’ in the warmup the next week. Players were also fined £200 if they were booked for dissent in games.

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