The new K-Pop group on the block, NewJeans, are days away from their official debut but they’re already making their mark on the music world. Their official release date comes as the most popular groups of the second, third, and fourth generations of the K-pop industry are about to make their comebacks.

HYBE’s label ADOR is just a few days from debuting its first K-pop group, NewJeans. The five-member girl band has already garnered the ‘Attention‘ of netizens, who have heard two of their songs. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for the group to officially debut.

In a smart play, the idols are going to officially introduce themselves as the new group by the fourth generation at the very beginning of the month. This will happen a week before the popular and OG Girls’ Generation make their comeback. It also comes as others like BLACKPINK, Twice, ENHYPEN, and the BTS single featuring Benny Blanco and Snoop Dogg, releasing throughout the month of August.

HYBE’s NewJeans get exposure before the arrival of bigger groups

Lom Minji, Hanni, Haerin, Danielle, and Hyein are ready to introduce themselves to the K-pop world. With a fusion of different nationalities within the group (South Korean, Australian, and Vietnamese), the quintet has piqued the curiosity of national and international viewers.

NewJeans is releasing a total of four back-to-back music videos for Attention, Hype Boy, and Hurt. Its final and fourth song Cookie will be released on August 1, 2022. This date will also mark their official debut date.

Their strategy to gain worldwide attention has worked wonders. The girls have already received a total of 9.4 million views combined between their three videos.

As per the names of the songs, it’s clear the fourth-generation group will be expanding its discography by playing with different genres. As per Nylon, the concept of NewJeans starts with “their throwback sound and fashion style, as well as the group’s unique, K-pop standard-defying concept.”

NewJeans to be led by former Girls’ Generation creative director

Photo by Han Myung-Gu/WireImage

NewJeans is not just what will debut next week, but also ADOR, which is HYBE’s first independent label. It will be led by the former creative director of SM Entertainment, which is another label that houses many popular K-pop boy and girl bands, including Girls’ Generation and EXO.

Its appointed CEO, Min Hee-Jin, worked under the company for 16 years, starting off as a graphic designer. Hee-Jin worked her way up over the years and was later promoted to creative director. She was in charge of the visual branding of groups such as Girls’ Generation (SNSD), Red Velvet, Shinee, F(X), and EXO.

A year after parting ways with SM Entertainment, Hee-Jin joined her rival house, Hybe Corporation, as brand director. In November 2021, she was given the responsibility of running HYBE’s first independent label, ADOR.

As a female CEO, the agency is just a week from unveiling its first K-pop group. NewJeans will start off ADOR’s beginning as an HYBE sub-label.

Big girl groups SNSD, BLACKPINK & TWICE to return

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The month of August is packed with music comebacks. The Nation’s Girl Group, SM Entertainment’s Girls’ Generation, will be making an emotional return to the stage.

Their return comes five years after announcing their temporary hiatus. It also during the celebration of their 15th year anniversary, which marks a milestone for the popular group.

JYP Entertainments’ TWICE has had an active set of comebacks. The nine-member band will release their 11th mini album at the end of the month. This will end the busy August with a bang, just like TT.

After almost two years, BLACKPINK will finally be heard again. YG Entertainment recently announced the group was in “the final stages of recording a new album”. According to reports, the budget to film the music video is the most expensive they’ve had so far.

The popular quartet doesn’t have an official release date. Nonetheless, it’s likely to be clashing with their friends and rivals TWICE’s date, fans are eager to hear their new music.

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