JYP Entertainment is bringing the ‘biggest JYP’ project to North America and here’s all you need to know about the 2022 audition of JYP Entertainment called A2K for the next global girl group.

From Twice, ITZY to Nmixx, JYP Entertainment has been a house of some globally popular k-pop girl groups. Along with Stray Kids dominating the 4th generation K-pop trends, the founder of JYP Entertainment Park Jin Young in a collaboration with Republic Records are now looking for the best of talents from the U.S to create a super group.

According to the A2K (America2Korea) official announcement, selected participants of this project from the United States and Canada will be receiving training from K-Pop’s top executives, choreographers, and producers and finally chosen to be a part of a supergroup.

Photo by Visual China Group via Getty Images/Visual China Group via Getty Images

How to apply for JYP A2K Audition 2022

JYP audition 2022 for the A2K project is coming to five cities including Atlanta (September 10th), Chicago (September 14th), New York City (September 17th and 18th), Dallas (September 20th) and LA (September 23rd–25th).

Selected participants from LA bootcamps will be flown to South Korea for an extensive training by JYP Entertainment. After the training, winning trainees will form a global group.

Check out more about JYP Auditions here.

JYP Entertainment’s upcoming projects

August 2022 will be a legendary battle of K-pop girl groups as a number of iconic acts are making their comebacks. Famed K-pop girl group, Twice of JYP Entertainment has officially entered the race as the group is all ready to make their comeback on August 16th with Korean EP, Between 1&2.

The latest EP of Twice will consist of seven tracks including, Talk That Talk, Queen of Hearts, Basics, Trouble, Brave, Gone and When We Were Kids.

Meanwhile, another popular girl group of JYP, ITZY is all ready for their global tour Checkmate starting at August 6th and 7th in Seoul, South Korea.

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