Before his marriage to Nicole Shanahan, Google boss Sergey Brin was married to Anne Wojcicki, the co-founder of 23AndMe.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin is currently trending following Wall Street Journal’s report citing unidentified sources that his ex-wife Nicole Shanahan and Elon Musk had an alleged affair in December 2021. The SpaceX founder has denied the rumors, calling it “total bs”.

Despite the clarification, it hasn’t stopped the internet from investigating Brin’s personal life, thus placing a spotlight on his previous marriage with Anne Wojcicki.

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Who is Anne Wojcicki?

Born 5 July 1968, the 48-year-old is of Polish descent. Coming from an educated family, her mother, Esther, is an educator and author, while her father Stanley is a former chairman of the physics department at Stanford University.

She may be Grin’s ex-husband, but she’s much more than a billionaire’s wife. Growing up on Stanford’s campus, she was given the freedom to explore the neighborhood.

Her childhood inspired her to launch 23AndMe, a biotech company that provides genetic testing services for customers. “I wanted to have a company that was, frankly, somewhat rebellious and was going to inspire people to try to really be healthier,” she told Y Combinator in 2018.

Launched in 2006, the company’s genetic test kit was awarded Invention Of The Year by Time Magazine two years later, and 23AndMe rocketed to a $3.5 billion value following its merger with UK billionaire Richard Branson in June 2021.

Wojcicki and Brin’s empire has placed them at rank 90 and 30 on Forbes’ Most Powerful lists, so they were the ultimate power couple.

The pair married in May 2007 and welcomed two children, Ben and Chloe, in 2008 and 2011 respectively. 2015 marked their official divorce.

If they were still married today, they would have a combined net worth of $107.3 billion.

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Anne’s sister is the CEO of YouTube

Wojcicki wasn’t the only highly successful child; her two older sisters are Susan – the CEO of YouTube – and Janet, an anthropologist, and professor of pediatrics at the University Of California, San Francisco.

Susan has known Brin since at least 1998 as he set up Google in her garage. She became the company’s first marketing manager and served as Google’s senior vice president of advertising and commerce.

The popularity of YouTube became the search engine’s major competitor against their Video Service, so after her recommendation of purchasing the platform for over $1 billion, she eventually become YouTube’s CEO in 2014.

Susan wins her sister on Forbes’ most powerful women list at number 18.

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