Utah’s iconic Training Table restaurant teases a comeback after six years

Disha Kandpal

Rumours that Utah’s iconic The Training Table restaurant is returning after six years are spreading fast.

The restaurant chain was popularised for having customers place their orders through table phones rather than through waiters. The business operated for nearly 40 years before closing in 2016.

Now, a cryptic message on their website is teasing their return, and many Twitter users are discussing the same.

The Training Table restaurant teases comeback

The rumours about Utah’s The Training Table restaurant’s comeback became rampant after people checked out

The website has the restaurant’s logo and a message that reads, “Tasty things coming soon…” with a timer saying 78 Days, 12 hours, at the time of writing (July 21). The countdown should come to an end on October 22, 2022.

The site also asks the visitors to add their email addresses to get notified about their upcoming actions.

The website also has a picture of The Training Table’s iconic and wildly popular cheesy fries.

On seeing the countdown and the message on the website, fans of the popular restaurant, which shut its doors back in 2016, think it’s set to reopen again.

They reportedly closed due to a lawsuit

After nearly 40 long and successful years in business, The Training Table closed its restaurants in all five locations: Salt Lake City, Holladay, Layton, Riverton and Sandy.

Fox 13 reports that the locations were shut after lawsuits were filed among family members.

The CEO and president of the business, Stephanie Chard, filed the original lawsuit against her dad, Kent, who founded the restaurant chain in 1977.

Stephanie sought damages for the loss of “past, present and future business opportunities.”

Kent filed a countersuit accusing his daughter of causing him “extreme mental distress, humiliation, anguish, and emotional and physical injuries, as well as economic losses.”

Fans react to The Training Table’s potential return

Many fans are thrilled about the restaurant potentially reopening after its website teased us about a comeback.

“I’m so excited for The Training Table again,” a fan wrote with crying and drooling face emojis.

“If The Training Table is actually reopening, I’m moving back to Utah,” said another excited user.

Another user tweeted: “The Training table coming back to Utah just when we needed them the most.”

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