There is some confusion online as to what date, time and platform the F3: Fun and Frustration movie will release for OTT streaming.

Another weekend, another long list of new Indian movies and series set to dominate your TV schedule.

One of the most highly anticipated drops of the weekend is the return of the Fun and Frustration franchise, with its third feature film F3.

However, as fans around the world look forward to the OTT streaming release of F3: Fun and Frustration, there is some confusion surrounding the available platform and the release window.

What is F3: Fun and Frustration about?

F3: Fun and Frustration tells the story of Venky, a Regional Transport Officer in Hyderabad who is in a dire financial situation, including because he secretly suffers from night blindness.

Unfortunately, Venky’s situation becomes worse when he and his friend, Varun, lose a large investment in the Harika family restaurant. However, his attitude changes forever when he meets Honey, the daughter of the Harika family, who he mistakes for a woman of significant wealth.

Hilariously revelations and tragic losses ensue, with the two friends taking out large loans to shower Honey with gifts, but when the restaurant, landlord and loan sharks come knocking; Venky comes up with a plan to steal from a corrupt police officer.

“Venky and Varun, who try to come up from financial problems. But what will happen when they meet Pragathi Family who are greedy for money?” – Synopsis, via IMDB.

F3: Fun and Frustration – OTT streaming release date and time explained

F3: Fun and Frustration will premiere for OTT streaming on Friday, July 22nd via both the SonyLIV and Netflix platforms.

Netflix India currently has several subscription models available to new customers that will grant access to F3 when it premieres online:

  • Mobile Plan: Rs 149, one mobile or tablet device
  • Basic Plan: Rs 199, one non-mobile device
  • Standard Plan: Rs 499, two non-mobile devices simultaneously
  • Premium Plan: Rs 649, four non-mobile devices simultaneously

Netflix has not publicly confirmed the exact release time for the F3 movie, but the vast majority of content on the streaming giant (excluding the simulcast K-dramas) premieres at 12:30 PM IST.

However, the streaming page for the movie currently labels it as “Coming on Thursday” here in the UK, indicating that the F3 film could become available from 12 AM IST on Friday, July 22nd.

The OTTSandeep Twitter page has also reported a 12 AM launch time for both SonyLIV and Netflix platforms on Friday, July 22nd. The satellite TV rights have also been acquired by Zee Telugu.

How was the film rated by critics?

F3: Fun and Frustration received a generally positive response from both fans and critics alike. However, the user-based feedback websites are currently showing a surprisingly low score of just 5.5/10 on IMBD and 2.5/5 on The Times of India.

“I liked F2 to be honest. While it wasn’t a great film, it had elements that were enough to make people laugh thereby giving a good refreshment overall. But F3 lacks those elements too. All the cast were made to do forced comedy and it didn’t have elements to make us laugh. I feel F3 isn’t a worthy watch at all. Better to skip it.” – User lalithmailipilli, via IMDB.

That being said, F3: Fun and Frustration still earned around Rs 134 Crore at the global box office, which according to Samyam Telugu, is almost twice the original budget.

123Telugu gave the film a 3.25/5 score, noting how “Though the story, logic, and emotions go for a toss, the presence of multiple stars and fun generated keeps the audience engaged and makes this film a good family watch.”

“As it stands, the film is a laughable attempt at comedy and entertainment. Some films ask the viewer to leave their brains at home, but this film makes sure that you leave the theatre empty-headed.” – F3 review, via First Post.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]