The symbol name trend is becoming popular on the platform with the help of Telegram 2. If you want to hop on this trend too, we have got all the details!

Lately, a lot of trends have been going viral on TikTok and one of them happens to be the symbol name trend.

This comes after a week of heavy buzz around quizzes such as the ‘What human feeling are you’ and ‘Mental age’ quiz.

Photo Illustration by Nikolas Kokovlis/NurPhoto via Getty Images

What is the symbol name trend?

The symbol name trend is quite harmless and simple. Here, people have been changing the name of their crushes into symbols and posting them on social media.

Some users have shared the name on their Instagram stories while others have kept it as their bio. What is interesting is that some people have been asking others to decode it if they want to find out the secret.

Meanwhile, there are others who have been changing phrases that mean the most to them into symbols in order to put that as their social media caption.

How to do the symbol trend

The symbol name trend can be done by following the steps that have been mentioned below:

  1. Go to Symbol on Telegram 2 website. You can do so by clicking on the link here.
  2. Type the text that you want to change into a symbol in the “type some text here” box
  3. The translation for the same would appear on the right side box.
  4. Copy the symbol and paste the same on your desired social media channel.

Replying to @lalisaceo i will do the requestes still!


Quizzes that you can try

Apart from this trend, people have been going gaga about the latest quizzes that have been becoming popular on the platform.

Lately, the ‘what human emotion are you’ quiz has been going viral where people answer a couple of questions that fit true to their personality in order to see the answer. The test became popular because people thought the answers were relatable.

If you wish to take the test, you can do so here. Meanwhile, the other quiz that has been gaining a lot of attention on the platform is the mental age test where people answer 10 questions and the test reveals their mental age. If you wish to take it, you can do so here.