Lizzo’s new album, Special, hit the floors on Friday, July 15, and the singer surprised her fans by crashing a live Peloton class in New York City.

The 34-year-old has been rocking the music world with her hit songs and albums for quite some time now. Her new tracks, About Damn Time and Grrrls, have been making waves even before the album’s release.

The songstress is also taking over the social scene with her stunning looks during public appearances.


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Lizzo stuns fans after crashing live Peloton class

Lizzo made the lucky riders’ day at Peloton’s New York studio, where people were attending a live class on Friday, July 15.

The class was led by instructors Robin Arzón and Jess Sims and had several attendees. As the fitness enthusiasts were all gearing up for their session, Lizzo walked in, leaving everyone stunned.

The songstress entered the studio to the tune of her platinum-certified song Good as Hell, and there was a lot of cheering.

The Juice singer couldn’t stop blushing as the studio erupted on seeing her.

Photo by John Parra/Getty Images for iHeartRadio

Fans think Lizzo’s appearance caused the app-wide outage

Many Peloton users were facing an outage after the app’s network didn’t let them connect to their classes on Friday. When they logged on to Twitter to see what was going on, they came across Lizzo’s video at the NYC studio.

Some thought that the songstress’ surprise appearance had caused the platform to go down temporarily.

“Omg, I was wondering wtf just happened to my Peloton and had to come to Twitter to find out. Not even support is answering!,” one user wrote responding to another’s tweet about Lizzo crashing the live class.

“So many people logged in for a @lizzo ride on Peloton that the whole platform crashed. This is the collective strength of women who no longer have time for conventional ideas of fitness and beauty. It’s officially thick thirty!” another fan wrote.

Peloton took to Twitter and addressed the outage, saying: “We’re so sorry we’re down right now. I know, I can’t wait to take the Lizzo classes, either.” The company did not reveal the real reason behind the outage.

Peloton also posted a video featuring Lizzo and her backup dancers hilariously talking about breaking the internet: “We’re sorry, baby, we broke the internet (with @lizzo) we will let you know as soon as we’re back and the class is on demand.”

The servers were back up and running soon.

Singer’s new album Special is out now

Special is Lizzo’s fourth studio album. It serves as the follow-up to her 2019 release, Cuz I Love You.

The album has 13 mind-blowing tracks for fans to break a step on. Here are all of them:

  • The Sign Lyrics  
  • About Damn Time 
  • Grrrls Lyrics  
  • 2 Be Loved (Am I Ready) 
  • I Love You Bitch 
  • Special 
  • Break Up Twice 
  • Everybody’s Gay 
  • Naked Lyrics  
  • Birthday Girl Lyrics 
  • If You Love Me 
  • Coldplay 
  • A Very Special Message From Lizzo

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