Orlando Police Department has confirmed there is “no evidence of a shooting” at Lake Eola after a scare sent people “fleeing” on July 4.

According to reports, a “noise scare” caused panic that led to 12 people being injured as crowds feared a shooting was taking place at Lake Eola.

No shooting at Lake Eola

Just hours after a mass shooting in Illinois during a July 4 parade, panic broke out in downtown Orlando, Florida, as thousands gathered to celebrate the day, listen to music, and enjoy fireworks.

Photo by John Greim/LightRocket via Getty Images

Although they were initially delayed, fireworks at Lake Eola got under way at 9.40pm but, ten minutes into the event, a noise caused a “scare” causing many people to flee the area.

One witness told Click Orlando: “People were jumping in the water, people were running toward the buildings.”

As police were on higher alert due to the earlier incident in Illinois, Orlando PD was able to establish there was no threat and proceeded to tweet they thought the noise had been caused by fireworks and there was “no evidence of a shooting”.

Police secured the area saying it was safe for people to return to the area to collect belongings. A ‘family reunification point’ was created for any people separated during the panic.

Illinois July 4th shooting

The panic in Orlando came just hours after six people were killed at the July 4 Highland Park shooting in Illinois. Almost 20 others were injured when a gunman gained access to a rooftop and fired on the crowd attending the parade below. It is one of the deadliest shootings in Illinois history.

Police arrested 22-year-old Robert ‘Bobby’ Crimo III, also known as Awake the Rapper, in connection with the incident more than eight hours after the shooting.

The Daily Mail reported 25 parade attendees suffered gunshot wounds, while the age range of the victims was between eight and 85 years old.

Authorities told CNN a gunman fired shots from a rooftop, while a high-powered rifle was found at the scene by police.