Why Instagram is scrolling weird as new feature irritates users

Ellissa Bain

Thousands of users are threatening to delete Instagram following the app’s latest update.

Meta has introduced a range of new features that haven’t gone down with users – including layout changes, suggested posts on your feed and a new black background.

Now, people are claiming that the scrolling is ‘weird’, but why? Well, that’s part of the new update too. Read on to find out more…

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Instagram users claim scrolling has changed

On Wednesday (June 29th), lots of Instagram users began taking to Twitter to report that the scrolling had changed on their Instagram feed.

Usually, the scrolling is smooth – but users are claiming that it is now disjointed, jumpy and even making them feel dizzy.

Many are likening it to TikTok’s vertical scrolling, and it’s safe to say users across the world aren’t keen on the new format.

Some people might not even notice the difference, but for avid Instagram users the changes are huge and make the app far less enjoyable to use.

One person wrote on Twitter:

Another sarcastically joked:

A third person tweeted:

Another said:

It’s part of Instagram’s new layout changes

The new scrolling feature is part of some new layout and feed changes that Instagram is currently testing.

At the beginning of May, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced the updates, which are supposed to make Instagram more “immersive,” on Twitter.

He revealed that posts will now appear in a vertical, 9:16 ratio that takes up more of the screen as “video is a bigger part of the home experience”.

The 39-year-old also added that a larger part of the feed will be “recommendations,” which is why you’re seeing lots of suggested posts from people you don’t follow.

Instagram is “testing” the features

However, the Instagram boss did say that this is just a beta test, to trial the features before they are officially released and rolled out to all accounts.

That means the layout and feed changes have only been applied to a select number of profiles as Instagram tests the new features.

“We’re going to try and learn as much as we can over these next few weeks. If you see it, that’s what you’re seeing, that’s why. Let me know what you think,” he said.

He continued: “We’re trying to figure out how to advance Instagram forward in a world where more and more people are going to be mobile first.”

That means if the features get enough bad feedback, there’s a possibility that Instagram could scrap the layout changes completely. Fingers crossed!

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