Pressing play on The Umbrella Academy season 3 episode 1, you no doubt had a number of questions you hoped would be answered.

You race through the instalments with the utmost enthusiasm, burrowing deeper down the rabbit hole that is perhaps the wildest season yet. The finale concludes and some answers have been given. On the other hand, even more, enticing questions have been posed.

Created by Steve Blackman and adapted from Gerard Way’s comic book series of the same name, the American superhero series has given fans plenty to digest upon its return to Netflix on Wednesday, June 22nd 2022.

There are plenty of avenues to explore but one, in particular, seems to have encouraged the most discussion and speculation.

Of course, we could only be talking about The Umbrella Academy’s Jennifer Incident…



The Umbrella Academy’s Jennifer Incident explored

Ben’s death has been a mystery in the minds of fans far and wide ever since it was addressed in the series’ beginning.

The circumstances surrounding his passing remain unknown but season 3 drops the most promising clue to unlocking the secret yet. Diving into the latest season, audiences are treated to a flashback of Ben’s 2006 funeral.

He was 17 and passed away while embarking on a mission that went south.

In the wake of the sequence, there has been some speculation suggesting that he may have taken his own life. However, the ambiguity surrounding the specifics opens up the floor to other theories.

The biggest break comes when his passing is coined the “Jennifer Incident” by Luther, followed by Viktor finding drawings of a girl named Jennifer covering the walls of Sparrow Ben’s bedroom.

Taking this into consideration, it’s clear that both versions of Ben had a connection with or interest in a girl named Jennifer, although there are different outcomes in both the Umbrella and Sparrow timelines to ponder.

The Umbrella Academy | Season 3 Trailer | Netflix

The Umbrella Academy | Season 3 Trailer | Netflix

Theories have begun to emerge

Screenrant highlights that the fact Sparrow Ben only has pictures of Jennifer and is obviously obsessed with her in some way may signal that she is dead in the Sparrow timeline.

Drawing parallels between the two timelines, references to the Jennifer Incident make it likely that this 2006 mission took place with Jennifer involved on both accounts; the two alternate versions of the mysterious character.

The pictures all over the wall could suggest that she and Ben shared a romantic connection, or that she was an unrequited love. Theorising, it could otherwise be that in the Umbrella timeline Ben sacrificed his life on the mission in an attempt to save her, whereas Sparrow Ben was unsuccessful and dwells on the tragedy – hence the infatuation bleeding into the decor of his room.

Looking back at the funeral scene in season 2, Sir Reginald says “…and not to hesitate to sacrifice themselves for another” during the eulogy, which arguably reinforces the theory, leading us to believe that Sparrow Ben has been plagued by his decision to save his own skin rather than Jennifer’s.

‘Just tell me how Ben died’

Of course, the reality remains to be seen. But that hasn’t stopped fans from weighing in their thoughts on Twitter.

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