Epic Games’ crossover with Naruto continues and they have shared the Fortnite map code for the return of Hidden Leaf Village which comes with quests and new locations as rewards.

It’s an exciting time for fans of Epic Games’ battle royale. Darth Vader is now available to combat and defeat, but there are also Nindo challenges available to complete until July 7th.

Rival skins are also coming out at the same as we are able to return to Konohagakure.

Fortnite | Darth Vader Arrives on the Fortnite Island

Fortnite | Darth Vader Arrives on the Fortnite Island

What is the Fortnite Hidden Leaf Village code?

The Fortnite Hidden Leaf Village map code is 0610-6440-1958.

The above key comes courtesy of Epic Games’ blog post. In addition, you can also access Konohagakure simply through the in-game Discovery tab.

As for when you will be able to revisit the Naruto playground, Epic Games says the gates will open at 17:00 PT and 20:00 ET on June 23rd, as well as 01:00 BST on June 24th.

Locations and quest rewards

Naruto, Sasuka, Sakura, and Kakashi will be in the Hidden Leaf Village to offer quests, and rewards you will receive include the following locations:

  • The Final Valley
  • Chunin Exam Arena
  • Naruto’s mind space with Kurama (the nine-tail fox)

You will also be rewarded with XP. Aside from the above unlockable locations, other areas you will be able to explore upon walking through the map’s gates include Hokage Residences, Ichiraku, and the Hospital.

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