Lil Tjay was reportedly wounded in a shooting in New Jersey on Wednesday (June 22). Many from the industry came forward to show their support for the rapper after he was hospitalized.

Dj Akademics has been sharing constant updates on his official Instagram account, and 6ix9ine is among many to comment under the posts.

The rapper’s response to Lil Tjay’s condition has not gone down well at all.

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What did 6ix9ine say about Lil TJay’s hospitalization?

Soon after the news about the shooting in Edgewater broke, and it was revealed that Lil Tjay was one of the wounded, Akademiks shared a post informing his followers that the rapper was undergoing surgery.

While others sent their prayers, 6ix9ine just posted two emoticons – a laughing face and a crying face.

Then, under another post about Lil Tjay’s “alleged shooters being arrested,” 6ix9ine commented, “Almost died for a burrito”, followed by the same emoticons as above.

Fans pray for rapper’s speedy recovery

Worried fans have taken to social media to wish Lil Tjay a speedy recovery.

One commented: “Prayers to Lil Tjay, we can’t lose another legend.”

“Damn I just saw the Lil Tjay news and it is heartbreaking. I pray he makes it through,” wrote another.

Another fan tweeted: “Pray for LilTJay (in ER after getting shot). We don’t need any more homies passing away, especially like this.”

“All prayers go out for Lil TJAY and his family, hope he makes it out,” tweeted one fan.

Smile | Official Trailer

Smile | Official Trailer

Did they ever beef?

There hasn’t been any public beef that 6ix9nine and Lil Tjay were involved in, but the latter once claimed that the former’s camp allegedly tried to bribe him to create fake beef on social media.

It started with Lil Durk going live on Instagram to claim that 6ix9ine’s camp allegedly tried to pay him to “continue going back-and-forth to beef on social media with Tekashi,” according to XXL Magazine.

Lil Tjay later posted a screenshot of Durk’s live video in his Instagram Story and captioned it: “They did the same sh*t with me!!! F**k his money!”