The TFT 12.12 Patch Notes have been released today by Riot Games, confirming everything fans need to know about the upcoming buffs and nerfs.

The good news is that we also know when these changes will be released onto live servers and how long maintenance will last.

So for anyone wanting to know the latest when it comes to Teamfight Tactics, you can check out the official patch notes below.

Teamfight Tactics | Dragonlands Launch Cinematic –

Teamfight Tactics | Dragonlands Launch Cinematic –

When Is TFT 12.12 Coming Out On Servers?

Riot Games has confirmed that TFT maintenance is being performed at 3am PT on Wednesday, June 23, which is expected to last around three hours on NA servers. This means that TFT Patch 12.12 should be available to download and install starting at 6am PT. Ranked Queues will be disabled in preparation for patch 12.12, and disruption will begin an hour before maintenance begins.

The same deal is happening on EUW servers on June 23, with TFT 12.12 expected to launch at around 8am BST, with Riot Games confirming today: “Starting at 23/06/2022 03:30 BST Ranked Queues will be disabled in preparation for patch 12.12. At 23/06/2022 05:00 BST the servers will be shut down and all games currently in progress will end in a draw and stats will not be recorded. We estimate the battlegrounds will be unavailable for 3 hours.”

And for those wanting to know more about what Teamfight Tactics 12.12 contains, here are the patch notes as shared by Riot Games:

TFT 12.12 Patch Notes

Riot Games: “We’re here with another set of balance changes, several of which are continued follow-ups to the 12.10 Durability Update. Certain heals and shields are getting further adjustments, while select burst and engage mechanics will receive the little extra ‘oomph’ that they needed. Champion pets can have a little durability, too. This patch also brings back the Essence Emporium for a limited time. The Mythic Shop is also rotating for the first time ever, introducing Ashen Knight Pantheon and more. And oh, was that a chill in the air? The Snow Moon must be rising.



  • Q mana cost decreased, now increases with rank. R base damage increased.
  • Amumu support has all but disappeared after the heavy nerfs to his mana costs last season. We’re reverting those and giving his ult more early power to help him find some friends in bot lane again.
  • Q – Bandage Toss
  • Mana Cost :: 70 >>> 30/35/40/45/50 
  • R – Curse of the Sad Mummy
  • Damage :: 150/250/350 (+80% AP) >>> 200/300/400 (+80% AP)


  • Q AP ratio increased. Tibbers base health, armor, and MR increased.
  • Annie’s burst builds have fallen off since the Durability Update, especially at higher levels of play. We’re making her combos a little more fire and giving Tibbers his own CDU (Cuddly Durability Update).
  • Q – Disintegrate
  • Damage :: 80/115/150/185/220 (+75% AP) >>> 80/115/150/185/220 (+80% AP
  • R – Summon: Tibbers
  • Tibbers – Base Health :: 1200/2100/3000 >>> 1300/2200/3100
  • Tibbers – Base Armor & Magic Resistance :: 30/50/70 >>> 30/60/90


  • Basic attack range increased; base health regen and growth decreased. Passive stack value increased early and now reaches maximum at level 13; large minions now grant 1 stack. E base damage decreased, life steal decreased late. R bonus attack range and explosion damage based on enemy’s missing health no longer increase with rank; Void Remora health decreased early and now increases with rank.
  • The Empress of the Void is reigning with a bit too much terror in lower and average skill brackets. These nerfs should reduce her strength in lower levels of play to a more stable win rate across the board. A few visual updates have also been made to Bel’Veth’s true form based on player feedback!
  • Base Stats
  • Basic Attack Range :: 125 >>> 175
  • Health Regeneration :: 8.5 >>> 6
  • Health Regeneration Growth :: 0.85 >>> 0.6
  • Health Regeneration at Level 18 :: 22.95 >>> 16.2
  • Passive – Death in Lavender
  • Bonus Attack Speed per <em>Lavender</em> Stack :: 0.25-1.25% (levels 1-18) >>> 0.28-1% (levels 1-13)
  • [NEW] THE LAVENDER CS :: Bel’Veth now gains 1 <em>Lavender</em> stack per large minion
  • E – Royal Maelstrom 
  • Minimum Damage per Hit :: 8/11/14/17/20 (+6% AD) >>> <strong>8/10/12/14/16</strong> (+6% AD) 
  • Life Steal :: 20/22/24/26/28% >>> 20/21.5/23/24.5/26%
  • R – Endless Banquet
  • Explosion Damage Based on Target’s Missing Health :: 25/30/35% >>> 25% at all ranks
  • Bonus Attack Range :: 50/75/100 >>> 50 at all ranks
  • Void Remora Health :: 70% >>> 50/60/70% of minion’s maximum health


  • Bel’Veth’s true form <strong>E – Royal Maelstrom</strong> animation has been tweaked at higher attack speeds
  • Bel’Veth’s true form basic attack animation has been adjusted to swing slightly less at slower attack speeds
  • Sheen will no longer proc if Bel’Veth attempts to cast <strong>Q – Void Surge</strong> in a direction that is on cooldown
  • Bel’Veth’s <strong>Q – Void Surge</strong> no longer deals double the intended true damage from <strong>R – Endless Banquet</strong>’s passive
  • Fixed a bug where, if she was already in her true form, Bel’Veth would lose her health bonus upon consuming <em>Void Coral</em>
  • Fixed a bug where, if Bel’Veth’s Void Remora attacked an undead Sion, Void Coral would spawn when his passive expired
  • Fixed a bug where Bel’Veth’s true form duration sometimes failed to properly refresh upon consuming Void Coral
  • Fixed a bug where Bel’Veth’s basic attack SFX were sometimes audible to enemies through Fog of War


  • Q base damage increased. R active base damage increased.
  • Blitzcrank’s engage capabilities have gathered some rust since the Durability Update. We’re making his hooks hurt more so they feel as rewarding to land as they should.
  • Q – Rocket Grab
  • Damage :: 90/140/190/240/290 (+120% AP) >>> <strong>105/155/205/255/305</strong> (+120% AP)
  • R – Static Field
  • Detonation Damage :: 250/375/500 (+100% AP) >>> < strong>275/400/525</strong> (+100% AP

Dr. Mundo

  • Passive health regen decreased. R increased base health decreased.
  • Mundo’s malpractice was already doing well, but now that Grievous Wound is weaker, it’s time we check his medical license. We’re nerfing him overall by lowering his healing, but the larger chunk of health missing should make his fantasy really come alive when he injects his maximum dosage.
  • Passive – Goes Where He Pleases
  • Health Regeneration :: 1-2% maximum health (levels 1-18) >>> 0.8-1.6% maximum health (levels 1-18)
  • R – Maximum Dosage
  • Increased Base Health :: 10/15/20% missing health >>> 8/11.5/15% missing health


Passive AD ratio decreased.

Since the Durability Update, Fiora has become extra punishing in Elite play where players who can consistently strike Vitals deal massive max health true damage. We’re toning her passive down as a result, which will also reduce her ult’s power. 

Passive – Duelist’s Dance

Bonus True Damage :: 3% (+5.5% per 100 bonus AD) >>> 3% (+4.5% per 100 bonus AD) of target’s maximum health


  • Q standard turret base health and damage increased. E cooldown decreased.
  • Heimerdinger’s inventions have fallen short lately. Boosting his turrets’ health and firepower to match the Durability Update is sure to be a formula for success!
  • Q – H-28G Evolution Turret
  • Standard Turret – Health :: 150-575 (+5-40%) (levels 1-18) >>> <strong>175-700</strong> (+5-40%) (levels 1-18)
  • Standard Turret – Magic Damage :: 6/9/12/15/18 (+35% AP) >>> <strong>7/11/15/19/23</strong> (+35% AP)
  • E – CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade
  • Cooldown :: 12 seconds >>> 11 seconds


  • Passive health and mana costs reduced. E base shield increased. Daisy base health, armor, and MR increased.
  • The Durability Update wasn’t so friendly to our friend of the forest. These buffs should return some of his early gank power by a lot. Oh, and Daisy gets a base stat gift, too!
  • Passive – Friend of the Forest
  • Base Health Cost :: 23.5-6.5% (levels 1-18) >>> 20-3% (levels 1-18)
  • Base Mana Cost :: 34.5-9% (levels 1-18) >>> 30-4.5% (levels 1-18)
  • E – Triggerseed
  • Shield :: 70/100/130/160/190 (+75% AP) >>> <strong>80/115/150/185/220</strong> (+75% AP)
  • R – Daisy!
  • Daisy – Health :: 1250/2500/3750 (+50% AP) >>> <strong>1300/2600/3900</strong> (+50% AP)
  • Daisy – Armor & Magic Resistance :: 15/40/90 (+5% AP) >>> <strong>20/50/100</strong> (+5% AP) 

Janna ++

  • W bonus move speed and slow decreased. E shield decreased.
  • Janna is still too strong across the board. Her biggest vulnerability should be when she gets caught, so we’re nerfing her <strike>wind</strike> speed and defensive spells to make her easier to punish.
  • W – Zephyr
  • Bonus Move Speed :: 6/7.5/9/10.5/12% (+2% per 100 AP) >>> <strong>6/7/8/9/10%</strong> (+2% per 100 AP) 
  • Slow :: 24/28/32/36/40% (+6% per 100 AP) >>> <strong>20/24/28/32/36%</strong> (+6% per 100 AP) 
  • E – Eye of the Storm
  • Shield :: 75/100/125/150/175 (+60% AP) >>> 65/90/115/140/165 (+55% AP)

Jarvan IV

  • Mana growth increased. Passive cooldown now decreases with levels.
  • Jarvan IV wasn’t the hardest hit by the Durability update, but his sustained damage output hasn’t been left unscathed. We’re letting him get a few more rotations in now that bursting enemies has gotten much harder, 
  • Base Stats
  • Mana Growth :: 40 >>> 55
  • Mana at Level 18 :: 980 >>> 1235
  • Passive – Martial Cadence
  • Cooldown :: 6 seconds >>> 6/5/4/3 seconds (levels 1/6/11/16)


  • Passive AD ratio decreased. E base damage increased, AD ratio decreased. R attack speed ratio increased, on-hit effectiveness increased.
  • Bruiser and tank builds shouldn’t work well on someone like Katarina, a hyper-mobile resetting assassin. We’re making some slight adjustments to discourage only those itemizations.
  • Passive – Voracity
  • Magic Damage Upon Retrieving Dagger – Bonus AD Ratio :: 75% >>> 65%
  • E – Shunpo
  • Damage :: 15/30/45/60/75 (+50% AD) (+25% AP) >>> <strong>20/35/50/65/80 (+40% AD)</strong> (+25% AP)
  • R – Death Lotus
  • Physical Damage per Dagger :: 16% (+12.8% per 1.0 total attack speed) bonus AD >>> 16% (+16% per 0.7 total attack speed) bonus AD
  • On-Hit Effectiveness per Dagger :: 25/30/35% >>> 28/33/38%


  • Base AD decreased. Q base damage decreased late.
  • Lucian’s been shining in Pro bot lanes since before MSI and has continued to do so, even after the Durability Update. We’re tapping down his strong early damage so the Sentinel of Light isn’t so blinding in lane.
  • Base Stats
  • Base AD :: 62 >>> 60
  • Q – Piercing Light
  •  Damage :: 95/130/165/200/235 (+60/75/90/105/120% bonus AD) >>> <strong>95/125/155/185/215</strong> (+60/75/90/105/120% bonus AD)


Night Harvester

  • We’re adding some ability haste into Night Harvester’s build path to match its buff last patch.
  • Build Path :: Hextech Alternator + Amplifying Tome + Blasting Wand + 865 gold >>> Hextech Alternator + Amplifying Tome + <strong>Fiendish Codex</strong> + 815 gold

Serpent’s Fang

  • Serpent’s Fang was reducing shields by a lot more than intended thanks to a bug. We expect the fix will lead to a nontrivial nerf, so we’re calling it out here instead.
  • VERY VENOMOUS – Serpent’s Fang no longer applies additional shield reduction beyond 50% based on enemy’s bonus heal and shield power


  • On the contrary, Shadowflame was <em>under</em>performing due to a different bug that mitigated its damage based on the very magic resistance it was supposed to ignore. This fix should actually result in a slight buff for the item. 
  • IGNORED AGAIN :: Shadowflame’s additional magic damage based on ignored MR is no longer mitigated by target’s MR



  • We’re nerfing Predator’s early power as it tends to really hurt some lanes before enemies get a reasonable chance at counterplay, and compensating its late game to even things out. 
  • Maximum Bonus Move Speed :: 45% >>> 25-50% (levels 7-18)
  • Damage :: 40-120 (levels 1-18) (+20% bonus AD) (+10% AP) >>> 20-180 (levels 1-18) (+25% bonus AD) (+15% AP)
  • Cooldown :: 90-60 seconds (levels 1-18) >>> 120-60 seconds (levels 1-18) 



Currently, if you dash or blink into a jungle monster or ward’s visible range, there’s a very brief delay before you gain vision of them. This can lead to some frustrating moments, so we’re changing that to be instantaneous. (On the other hand, losing vision of monsters and wards will continue to have a slight delay.)

NOW YOU SEE ME :: All jungle monsters and wards will now be visible instantly, even upon dashing or blinking into visible range

Essence Emporium

  • The Essence Emporium returns from <strong>June 28 to July 12</strong>. Head to the store to use Blue Essence to nab chromas, ward skins, emotes, icons, and more, including Emporium exclusives like the URFWick skin!
  • IMPORTANT: After this run, the Essence Emporium is going on hiatus while we rebuild it. Right now, running the Emporium is so inefficient it causes delays and feature cuts in other projects like events and missions. Beyond making the Emporium more efficient to run, we’re also exploring navigation and usability improvements for <strong><em>when<em><strong> (not if it returns. Be sure to spend all your Blue Essence during this Emporium!
  • To make up for this hiatus, we’re shifting the three Gemstone icon bundles into a chain of three missions (matchmade SR or ARAM). This will be <strong>free for all players</strong>, granting 10 Mythic Essence each for a total of 30.

Mythic Content

Mythic Chromas

  • We’re adding a new type of content to the Mythic Shop: Mythic Chromas, available for 40 Mythic Essence! The first Mythic Chroma is for Final Boss Veigar, available during patches 12.12 through 12.13.
  • [Mythic Chromas update a skin’s VFX in addition to its model. They’re launching for Legendary skins as well as Mythic skins like the Ashen Knights. (Ashen Knight Pyke and Ashen Knight Pantheon’s Emberwoken chromas will receive updated VFX in patch 12.18.) 

Mythic Shop Rotation

  • The Mythic Shop is rotating for the first time and we’re settling into the normal rotation cadence:
  • OUT :: Ashen Knight Pyke, his Emberwoken chroma bundle, and his emote are leaving the Mythic Shop
  • IN :: Ashen Knight Pantheon, his Emberwoken chroma bundle, and his emote will be available during patches 12.12 through 12.17
  • OUT :: Prestige K/DA Kai’Sa, Prestige PROJECT: Irelia, Prestige Spirit Blossom Teemo, Prestige Arcanist Zoe, Prestige Pulsefire Thresh, and Prestige Battle Queen Diana are leaving the Mythic Shop
  • IN :: Prestige K/DA Evelynn <strong>(150 ME)</strong> and Prestige Pulsefire Lucian <strong>(125 ME)</strong> are entering the Mythic Shop and will be available during patches 12.12 and 12.13
  • OUT :: Hextech Annie and Hextech Amumu are leaving the Mythic Shop
  • IN :: Hextech Ziggs <strong>(100 ME)</strong> and Dreadnova Darius <strong>(100 ME)</strong> are entering the Mythic Shop and will be available during patches 12.12 through 12.17
  • IN :: Battle Boss Veigar’s Mythic Chroma will be available during patches 12.12 through 12.13 

Behavioural Systems

Muting a player during Champ Select will now carry over to in-game and End of Game. (This also means that muting someone in-game will carry over to End of Game.) Additionally, individual players’ mute status can now be viewed and toggled in the End of Game screen.

Demacia Clash

  • Team formation for the second weekend of Demacia Clash starts on June 20, and the tournaments are on June 25 and 26.


  • We’ve updated the way certain challenges detect which lane you play on Summoner’s Rift to be more accurate! We’ve also added the following new challenges.
  • ARAM Legend: Go Legendary in ARAM games
  • The Jukes!: Dodge five skillshots within eight seconds
  • It was a… Near-Hit: Dodge skillshots in ARAM
  • Legendary Legend: Become Legendary
  • Who Needs ‘Em: Win games despite an AFK teammate
  • Shell Collecting: Take down Rift Heralds
  • Right Under Their Noses: Recall while unseen by a nearby enemy champion
  • Get On My Level: Get takedowns shortly after gaining a level advantage
  • Nowhere is Safe: Take down enemy champions in their fountain
  • Style: Earn Challenge Points from the Style capstone

  • Updates
  • Re-enabled the “Farm Champs Not Camps” challenge 
  • Re-enabled the “Leading By Example” challenge
  • Added Qiyana to the “Where’d They Go?” and “It Has ‘Ultimate’ In the Name!” challenges
  • Added Renata Glasc to “Hold That Pose”, “They Just… Don’t… DIE!”, “We Protec”, and “It Has ‘Ultimate’ In the Name!” challenges
  • “The Disrespect” challenge description has been updated for clarity
  • Progress bars have been fixed and will properly display your progress on Challenges
  • Fixed a bug where some challenge titles did not match their actual names
  • Switching tabs in the Challenges Collection Page now scrolls you back to the top
  • Challenge Leaderboards now properly abbreviate numbers
  • Fixed a bug where the “Prodigy” challenge would sometimes fail to progress upon getting multi-kills at the same time

  • QoL Changes
  • Sona can no longer gain an additional <strong>Passive – Power Chord empowered basic attack by casting an ability immediately after another empowered basic attack
  • Doran’s Ring’s Drain passive has been restored and will properly regenerate health if you already have full mana
  • Fixed a bug where, if Olaf hit a Blast Cone while his <strong>R – Ragnarok</strong> was active, he would not get knocked back by it
  • Olaf’s W – Tough It Out basic attack reset will interact with Hail of Blades properly (similar to Jax’s W – Empower, allowing up to 4 basic attacks empowered by the rune) stacks
  • Fixed a bug where Olaf’s <strong>E – Reckless Swing</strong> could heal towers if he casted it on the same target that the tower was last hitting
  • Fixed a bug where casting Lux’s <strong>R – Final Spark</strong> as Sylas would incorrectly cost him mana
  • Fixed a bug where Wukong’s <strong>Q – Crushing Blow</strong> would not grant Tear of the Goddess stacks
  • Champion-created clones can no longer apply the burn effect from Emberknife and Hailblade’s Sear passive
  • Fixed a bug where Evenshroud’s Coruscation passive would incorrectly also count as a slow
  • Fixed a bug where the VFX for Banshee’s Veil and Edge of Night would sometimes not be visible
  • Several VFX (Everfrost) and SFX (Ornn’s <strong>E – Searing Charge</strong>, Crown of the Shattered Queen, Dead Man’s Plate, Turbo Chemtank, Zhonya’s Hourglass, and Stopwatch) have been fixed and will no longer be visible or audible through Fog of War
  • Fixed a bug where Sion, Karthus, and Kog’Maw’s corpses would have active unit collision after their passives expired (i.e. could cause minion blocking) 
  • Fixed a bug where in-game ping indicators displayed latency as 7ms higher than actual ping for all players
  • Fixed a bug where double digit KDAs would sometimes display incorrectly on the scoreboard
  • Fixed a bug where error text would sometimes appear in party lobbies upon hitting the Find Match button
  • Fixed a bug where the Season Split Start modal would incorrectly display Victorious Morgana
  • Syndra, Rell, and Nautilus’ Champion Select role tags have been fixed

  • Upcoming Skins & Chromas
  • The following skins will be released in this patch: 
  • Snow Moon Caitlyn
  • Snow Moon Illaoi
  • Snow Moon Kayn
  • Ashen Knight Pantheon

  • The following chromas will be released this patch:
  • Snow Moon Caitlyn
  • Snow Moon Illaoi
  • Snow Moon Kayn
  • Ashen Knight Pantheon
  • Final Boss Veigar 
  • Ashen Knight Pantheon (Emberwoken)

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