Valorant Episode 5 Act 1 comes out today or tomorrow depending on server and there will be a new battle pass full of skins and other rewards for players to unlock.

Although a fresh-faced agent isn’t on the cusp, there’s still plenty to look forward to with the new season. The underwater playground Pearl is the most notable addition, but there’s also a unique rank named Ascendant.

You can check out the update 5.0 patch notes to see what’s coming, but you will also want to know all of the rewards to better judge whether the upcoming battle pass is worth buying.

Valorant | GECELER – Fade Agent Trailer

Valorant | GECELER – Fade Agent Trailer

New Valorant battle pass Episode 5 rewards

Below are all the new weapon skin rewards for the Valorant Episode 5 battle pass:

Weapon Skins:


  • Bulldog
  • Classic
  • Stinger
  • Judge


  • Ares
  • Operator
  • Ghost
  • Guardian

Taskforce 809:

  • Frenzy
  • Marshal
  • Spectre
  • Phantom
  • Melee (knife)

10 Gun Buddies:

  • Cat Tactics
  • Episode 5 Act 1 coin
  • Pocket Sized Sheriff
  • Pocket Sized Sheriff (Epilogue)
  • Gimbap
  • Heavy Lifting
  • Perfect Pattern
  • Shimmer
  • Tactical Surprise
  • Task Force 809

13 player cards:

  • Enter the Dualists
  • Collectors Edition KAY/0
  • Playzilla Tactibear
  • Playzilla Tactibear (Epilogue)
  • Joke’s Over
  • Owl Drone Schema
  • I Am Everywhere
  • Operation Vacation
  • Shimmer
  • Tactical Knife Schema
  • Tactibunny Terror
  • Unstoppable Jett

17 Sprays:

  • Never Forget Leg Day (W/Animated)
  • A Perfect Score
  • No Duelist No Problem
  • Cool Joy
  • Just Jokin’
  • Neon Bot
  • No Spectre
  • Nosey Neighbour
  • Sage Signal
  • That’s a Blowout
  • Trailblazing Tiger
  • Waddle Walk (W/Animated)
  • We Can Do It
  • Winner’s Ribbon
  • You Wanna Play

Check out Valorant Curios‘ YouTube video for full visual guidance.

Valorant Episode 5 battle pass price

The price of the new Valorant Episode 5 battle pass is 1,000 VP for Premium.

As for how much VP costs, you will need to spend $9.99/£9 to get the 1,000 VP required for the Premium route. Of course, there is the option of not paying, but you will only get the free rewards.

The Season starts on June 22nd and it will last ten weeks until August 31st. It’s up to you to decide whether the battle pass is worth the Premium fee.

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