Fans think Harry Styles is the Freddie Mercury of this generation

Ellissa Bain

Harry Styles just finished the UK leg of his worldwide Love on Tour and the shows certainly disappoint.

The former One Direction star performed at Glasgow’s Ibrox Stadium, Manchester’s Emirates Old Trafford cricket ground and London’s Wembley Stadium all in the space of a week.

He’s heading to Dublin next but in the meantime, fans are reminiscing the most epic moments from his London gigs.

From people screaming “Leave America” to Harry helping an Italian fan come out as gay and others forming conga lines in the pitch, the atmosphere was unbeatable.

However, by far the best moment of all was the 28-year-old doing Freddie Mercury’s famous crowd repetition chant.

Fans have been calling Harry a modern-day Freddie Mercury for years, but now he’s being compared to the Queen star even more…

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Harry Styles does Freddie Mercury’s famous crowd chant

Harry styles is being likened to Queen’s Freddie Mercury after revving up the crowd with his famous crowd chant.

Wearing white dungarees covered in red hearts, he shouted “ay-oh,” urging the crowd to repeat the sound after him.

Freddie Mercury famously did exactly that during Queen’s Live Aid performance in 1985, and he has since become known for it.

The 28-year-old did the same thing on the second night at Wembley Stadium, over 37 years after the Queen star did, and and the crowd went wild all over again.

Freddie sadly died in 1991, but his legacy is living on through Harry Styles and fans can’t stop comparing he two.

He dresses like the Queen star too

The singer was actually being compared to Freddie Mercury long before his performance in London last week.

Not only do they both have incredible vocal abilities, fans think they also reflect the same stage presence, performing in a way that entertains the crowd.

Plus, the pair both wear vibrant outfits too. At Coachella 2022, Harry wore a multicoloured sequin jumpsuit similar to one that Freddie once wore.

During one of his old performances, Harry wore a cropped red leather jacket too, exactly like Freddie did. The likeness is uncanny!

Then, at his second Wembley gig, the singer sported some white trousers and a sequin vest reminiscent of one of Freddie’s outfits.

Fans compare singer to Freddie Mercury on Twitter

The Queen star has been reborn:

Fans think he is this generation’s Freddie:

Harry is passing on Freddie’s legacy:

They must be friends in an alternate universe:

Freddie walked so Harry could run:

He would have loved him:

The same powerful vibes:

Harry Styles or Freddie Mercury:

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