Known for becoming a hit during the covid-19 pandemic, the third sequel of the racy Polish movie, 365 has been given a release date. Its second instalment, 365 Days: This Day landed in April but fans won’t be having to wait much longer as The Next 365 Days is releasing sooner than expected.

The whole world swooned over Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele’s somewhat toxic but steamy relationship. But perhaps now Don Massimo Escudero and Laura Biel have overtaken their title as the king and queen of eroticism.

Yes, 50 Shades of Grey and 365 are two different stories, and it could be argued that one could have a better plot story than the other. Nonetheless, the two movies are very similar in several aspects. Indeed, the racy sex scenes, but also their eagerness to earn the validation of the other person.

Ever since 365 was released fans couldn’t help but compare it to the story of Mr. and Mrs. Grey. Two super-wealthy handsome, and dominant men who happen to get obsessed with a stranger, right? Clearly, the two were never healthy relationships.

50 Shades of Grey VS 365 – “A Disney movie’

The so-called Polish erotic film had an interesting beginning, though. A wealthy Sicilian man gets obsessed with a young Warsaw woman and after imprisoning her. He imposes a 365-day time limit for her to fall in love with him or for her to leave. Comparing it to the beginning of the story of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, one must admit that one option seemed to be more promising than the other.

Fans were obsessed with 50 Shades, and the trilogy ended on a good note. Two years later, 365 came to continue its legacy it created by pushing the genre into the mainstream. Although the film didn’t do well on its cinematic release, it became a hit on Netflix.

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The two films had similar takes but remained different from each other. Even fans described 50 Shades of Grey as being a ‘PG version of 365’ and called it a ‘Disney movie’.

Why 365 deserves its own merit

365 Days: This Day / Credits to Netflix

The erotic thriller 365 has had a lot of mixed reactions, confusion, and even the disbelief of a kidnaped woman falling in love with an attractive Italian man. I mean, it’s just a movie in the end.

Despite being considered a ‘bad film’, 365 movies have been very popular on Netflix. The success is helped by the producer’s portrayal of the relationship as playful, sexy, and intimate. Compared to its books, the movie is more about visuals and how to get the audience’s attention in each scene.

An almost two-hour film with attractive characters and their sexual tension makes the film even more interesting to watch, just like 50 Shades of Grey.

Interestingly, the ending of each film has viewers hanging on to find out about what’s going to happen next.

More to learn from The Next 365 Days

365 Days: This Day / Credits to Netflix

The third sequel to the story between Massimo and Laura will arrive sooner than fans expected. DNI and This Day have a year of release between them, keeping up with the theme of 365 days.

Not this time, though – The Next 365 Days will hit Netflix just four months after its second instalment. The two sequels were filmed right after each other.

Fans won’t be waiting 365 days to find out the next chapter, instead just 114.

*This is an opinion piece written by Ashley Bautista

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