Isaac Packer’s past on Mayans explored as he returns in season 4 finale

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*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Mayans MC*

Over the course of its four seasons to date, Mayans MC has introduced us to a huge array of characters as we’ve navigated the twists and turns of its gripping episodes.

Season 4 has been no different with the finale teasing that big things are on the horizon for EZ and the Santo Padre Mayans as Terry’s mysterious sponsor emerged from the shadows.

Episode 10 threw up a huge curveball as it revealed that it was Isaac Packer who was pulling the strings and causing tension between the various biker gangs to rise.

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Terry’s sponsor revealed in Mayans season 4 finale

Season 4 of Mayans MC came to an end with episode 10 on Tuesday, June 14th, 2022.

Titled When the Breakdown Hit at Midnight, the episode promised that more bloodshed is on its way after an already gripping season as relations both within the Mayans and between their rivals threatened to boil over.

The first hints that danger was lurking around the bend came when Tig visited Terry in the hospital after he was nearly killed when the Mayans attacked UC Davis, with the former revealing that Terry’s sponsor had returned before he attempted to choke Terry, who was only saved when the nurse interrupted them.

Later in the episode, Terry’s mysterious sponsor is unmasked when Isaac Packer reveals himself to still be alive after he was shot in the season 3 finale.

Isaac’s return is a gruesome one as he murders Manny by burning him alive and leaves another Mayan to live so he can serve as a message about the ‘fire’ that is coming for the biker gang.

Isaac Packer Mayans MC

Isaac’s past on Mayans MC

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Isaac Packer on Mayans MC as the character- played by JR Bourne – previously served as a villain in season 3.

Isaac, who is the brother of Sons of Anarchy’s Les Packer, was first introduced on Mayans when Johnny “Coco” Cruz attempted to steal drugs from Meth Mountain where Isaac had been residing.

The ruthless and at times psychotic character spent much of season 3 manipulating Coco into getting him to steal drugs from the Mayans.

In the final episode of season 3, Isaac’s time on the series was apparently cut short when Coco was shown shooting him in the throat.

However, as season 4’s finale revealed, it will take a lot more to kill Isaac than a bullet through the neck and now, the Mayans have a target on their back as Isaac will stop at nothing to get his revenge.

Isaac Packer Mayans MC

Who is Isaac’s brother, Les Packer?

Family binds everything in the world of Mayans and the original Sons of Anarchy series with several characters crossing over between both shows.

While Isaac may not have appeared in the original series, his brother Les Packer – played by Robert Patrick – did and was also one of several characters who made the leap between series.

The older Packer brother was introduced in season 6 of Sons of Anarchy as the president of the San Bernadino chapter and he appeared again in the seventh and final season to meet with Jax.

In the Mayans spin-off, Packer leads the San Bernadino chapter when the Mayans call on their help during the assault on the Basetown Tribe at the Nunez Cemetary while in season 2, the character provided information about a new biker gang on the scene to Bishop.

However, the chances of seeing Packer again on Mayans look slim as it was revealed in season 3 that the character had developed cancer that was potentially terminal with Happy being sent to run the San Bernadino Sons while he was undergoing chemotherapy.

Les Packer Mayans MC

Season 4 of Mayans MC concluded on FX on Tuesday, June 14th, 2022.

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