The Quarry video game is now out and the unfortunate news is that there is not a free to play co-op friend’s pass similar to The Dark Pictures Anthology with Little Hope and House of Ashes.

Reviews say that the newest horror experience from Supermassive Games is just as good – if not better – than Until Dawn. It has lots of fantastic actors you will no doubt recognise from the movies and some television series, and some of the fun comes from making these celebrities die in extremely gory ways.

Unfortunately, you cannot invite a friend to experience this gorefest at no cost.

The Quarry | Official Launch Trailer

The Quarry | Official Launch Trailer

Is The Quarry free to play?

There is no free to play multiplayer co-op feature for The Quarry video game.

This is because there is no Friend’s Pass unlike with House of Ashes, Little Hope, and Man of Medan. Supermassive Games’ Friend’s Pass for The Dark Pictures Anthology allows someone to download a free trial and receive an invite to the full game from a mate who has fully purchased the experience.

It’s a one-time offer but it’s a great co-op incentive. Unfortunately, there is no such thing for The Quarry at launch.

House of Ashes didn’t receive the Friend’s Pass until three months after release, so it’s possible The Quarry could receive one post-launch as well. However, there’s no confirmation that it will.


The Quarry video game Standard edition costs £59.99 on PS4, £64.99 on PS5. There is deluxe edition which costs £74.99 and comes with the following (via PSN store):

  • The Quarry on PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Series X/S
  • Deluxe bonus content pack
    • ’80s Throwback Character Outfits
    • Instant access to Death Rewind system
    • Gorefest option in Movie Mode
    • Horror History Visual Filter Pack

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