The Quarry video game is finally out and you can only play couch co-op right now as the online multiplayer release date is next month.

Reviews for the game have been mostly positive with final impressions claiming it is just as good – if not better – than Until Dawn. It currently boasts an 80 on Metacritic for PC and you should know what to expect from the game if you’re a fan of Until Dawn or any of The Dark Pictures Anthology instalments.

While it is lots of fun on your own, it will be even better when you can play with others online.

The Quarry | Official Launch Trailer

The Quarry | Official Launch Trailer

Is The Quarry game multiplayer?

The Quarry game is not multiplayer at launch but online gameplay will be added by July 8th.

Per a message from the developers on Twitter, the online component was delayed to ‘deliver the best experience possible’. The ability to play with others and friends online will be added via free update.

When it does become available, the official FAQ says that you and friends will be able to ‘watch along and vote on key decisions’. Unfortunately, it’s mentioned that there is no crossplay and that you will be restricted to your specific console. This means PS4 players will only be able to team up with other PS4 players, and the same for PS5, Xbox One, and Series X/S.

July 8th is the date provided, but Supermassive says it could potentially be released before then.

How to play couch co-op

You can play couch co-op with up to seven other players for The Quarry video game.

All you need to do is select the local co-op option when starting and choose a specific character for you and your friend(s) to control. When a specific character becomes playable, all you need to do is hand the controller to the friend that picked said protagonist.

It’s similar to other instalments in The Dark Pictures Anthology, but it’s always a lot of fun.

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