WARNING: The Boys Spoilers ahead along with content of an explicit nature.

Did they really just do that?

Yes. Yes, they did. Is it a bold and deranged move? Most certainly. Is it the sort of twisted spectacle we’ve grown to expect from The Boys?


Developed by Eric Kripke, the American superhero series hit Amazon Prime Video back in 2019 and impressed viewers by offering them an alternative to the type of superhero entertainment we’ve grown so familiar with; all while operating within the same genre.

The hype was impressive and failed to die down when the second season dropped the following year. Now, fans have been invited back for another round of insanity with the striking ensemble.

So far so good, although many may argue that The Boys’ Termite scene has somewhat stolen the spotlight…

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The Boys Termite scene explained

Diving into our introduction to The Boys season 3, we find Kimiko and Frenchie going to a house party thrown by none other than Termite, a superhero played by Brent Geddes.

He essentially has the ability to shrink himself to any size and he’s giving the party his all, to say the least. Offering his guests a sight they can’t see anywhere else, he shrinks down to have sex with a doll, much to the amusement of the partygoers.

However, he’s doing copious amounts of cocaine that makes him sneeze every so often… and boy, does that come up soon after.

Now, here’s where things get particularly disturbing. Hooking up with his lover, Termite decides to shrink down and enter… inside… of his partner. Yes, seriously. When he’s inside his partner’s penis, he sneezes and this suddenly causes him to return to his regular size.

As a result, he explodes from his partner, destroying him in a gory fashion. An image nobody will ever forget.

The Boys | Season 3 Official Trailer | Prime Video

The Boys | Season 3 Official Trailer | Prime Video

Step aside Ant-Man

The sequences can be interpreted as a reference to a bizarre Thanos and Ant-Man theory and memes from the Avengers cycle of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

NME reports that the theory entailed that Ant-Man could simply shrink down and enter Thanos from behind. Once inside, he could enlarge himself and destroy the Mad Titan with ease.

The Boys’ Eric Kripke had this in mind and explained the thought process to Entertainment Weekly:

“Once you realize you’re gonna do a tiny Ant-Man character, you have to have that Ant-Man run up someone’s butt and then blow them up. But then we realized that we already had blown up someone’s ass.”

He added: “There’s only so many orifices a person can go in. So really, by process of elimination, you [have to] run into a urethra.”

A number of audiences have inevitably jumped onto Twitter to share their alarmed reactions to the scene.

We’re sure they’ll see it replaying in their nightmares for weeks to come. Check out a selection of tweets:

The Boys season 3 is streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

In other news, Tokyo Revengers season 2 to release January 2023 on Disney Plus