KGF Chapter 3 was confirmed in the sequel’s post-credit scene, but a producer has now stated that the reported 2024 release may be extended.

In the years leading up to the coronavirus pandemic, the Indian cinema industry was seeing incredible gains in both film quality and promotional marketing.

Whilst the pandemic notably stifled the momentum that many projects had been building, it didn’t stop the one-and-only KGF franchise from creating one of the biggest movie media storms in history.

The second film in the franchise, Chapter 2, finally premiered in theatres around the world on April 14th to an outstanding global reception and featured a post-credit scene that confirmed a third movie was in the works; here’s everything that fans need to know.



KGF Chapter 2 finally premieres in theatres to an outstanding reception

The second KGF movie was originally meant to premiere all the way back in October 2020; however, like countless cinema projects around the world, had to be delayed because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

A new release date was set for July 2021, but the subsequent final delay would eventually bring an end to the drama surrounding the film’s postponement. In August 2021, the filmmakers revealed that KGF Chapter 2 would debut in April 2022.

Thankfully, after years of waiting patiently, fans finally got the chance to make their action-movie dreams come true; on April 14th, KGF Chapter 2 finally premiered in theatres around the world!

In fact, more than 10,000 screens worldwide showcased the film, with over 6,000 of those reportedly being across India’s various cinema belts, being aided by the film not only releasing in Kannada but also alongside dubbed versions available in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam.

Whilst the box office income and critics’ reviews are exceptional, fans are already looking ahead to what the future will hold…KGF Chapter 3!

KGF Chapter 3 movie confirmed in post-credit scene

As soon as cinema doors opened in April, millions of fans flocked to their local theatre to enjoy KGF’s highly anticipated return on the big screen. Yet cinemagoers were in for a massive surprise for when the credits had finished rolling, a post-credit scene reportedly shows KGF Chapter 3 being teased.

Images of the post-credit scene quickly flooded the internet, which showed someone reading/writing in a tea-stained booklet. When the page turns over, in massive letters reads “EL DORADO. KGF CHAPTER-3. Final Draft.”

Interestingly, the director of KGF Chapter 2 Prashanth Neel had previously stated that there wouldn’t be a third movie in the franchise. As reported by The Times of India, Neel said that the team would be compromising the story if a trilogy was produced and that the producers “are in no mood to make any such compromises.”

However, this statement was made back in December 2020, when the full scope of KGF’s popularity was yet to be fully understood. In the time since that interview, KGF Chapter 2’s trailer become amongst the most-viewed trailers of all time – which currently sits at an outstanding 262 million views!

Despite this, Neel has since added in an interview with The Hindustan Times that “It’s too early to confirm. In cinema, you can even bring back the dead to life. If people love KGF: Chapter 2, we could think of continuing the franchise.”

With that type of hype and anticipation, it’s really no surprise that the KGF team want to return for a third movie – if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Now, the attention turns towards the future and specifically, what date KGF Chapter 3 could release around the world – and the producers of KGF have now provided us with some unnerving information.

KGF Chapter 3 release reported for 2024, but there’s a catch

Whilst KGF Chapter 3 was indeed teased at the end of the recently released sequel movie, fans should prepare themselves for a similarly long wait on the third film.

In a recent interview with Dainik Bhaskar, via The Indian Express, producer and founder of Hombale Films Vijay Kiragandur said that production on Chapter 3 could start as soon as October 2022, after Neel concludes his next movie, and that the third KGF movie was currently slated for 2024.

“Director Prashanth Neel is currently busy with Salaar (starring Prabhas). Around 30-35% of the shooting is done. The next schedule is slated to begin next week. We hope to complete it by October-November this year. So, we plan to begin the shoot for KGF3 after October this year. We hope to release the film by 2024.” – Vijay Kiragandur, via The Indian Express.

Interestingly, the producer also added that the hope was to eventually create a Hollywood-style cinematic universe, stating “Going forward, we are going to create a Marvel kind of universe. We want to bring different characters from different movies and create something like Doctor Strange. The way it happened in Spider Man or Doctor Strange. So that we can reach a wider audience easily.”

However, those rumours of a 2024 release for KGF Chapter 3 have been stifled by executive producer Karthik Gowda, who tweeted out in May that none of the aforementioned information had actually been put into practice.

It also appears that KGF Chapter 3 has already started its conceptual production, with lead actor Yash noting in an interview with Variety that several scenes from the third movie have already been explored by director Neel.

“Already we have thought of a lot of scenes, me and Prashanth. There are a lot of things which we couldn’t do in ‘Chapter 2.’ So we know there are a lot of possibilities, a lot of kick-ass scenes are there. But it’s just an idea. And we’ve just left it there right now.” – Yash, via Variety.

The first KGF movie began production in April 2016, premiering worldwide in December 2018. Neel had previously stated that KGF would be split into two parts, with the second film starting filming in March 2019 – some early scenes were actually filmed alongside the first movie to give the team a head start.

Unfortunately, with such a massive production as KGF, it will likely be several years again before a third instalment releases around the world. This is especially true when considering the production team have signed on for other projects in the meantime.

Most notably, Neel is currently working on the upcoming Salaar project, scheduled for 2023, and Hombale Films themselves are working on as many as five productions; Bagheera, Dvita, Richard Anthony – Lord of the Sea, Kantara and Raghavendra Stores – Since 1972.

So, whilst a 2024 release for KGF Chapter 3 does seem like the most likely launch window for the third action movie based on the information from Kiragandur and the production cycle on previous films, a 2025 premiere is also a distinct possibility considering the sheer scale of the franchise post-Chapter 2.

A third movie would continue the box-office legacy

KGF Chapter 2 has experienced an incredible reception at the box office, not just domestically but around the world too. The movie made over Rs 164 Crore on its first day, rising to Rs 286 Crore by Day Two – which is more than the entire lifetime earnings from the first movie!

By the end of the first week in theatres, KGF Chapter 2 had grossed more than Rs 719 Crore – breaking records across the board. In fact, the film is now considered to be the highest-grossing Kannada movie of all time and was even the fastest grossing Hindi release to surpass Rs 250 Crore – an outstanding achievement for all involved.

Now, 50 days after the premiere and on the same day that it was released for OTT streaming on Prime Video, KGF Chapter 2 has reportedly grossed more than Rs 1250 Crore at the global box office.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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