‘How did Dora the Explorer die’ trend has been taking over TikTok and the answers have left several people shocked.

Dora the Explorer has been a part of several people’s childhood and it does not come as a surprise that some people were shocked when they came across the trend that has been slowly going viral on the platform.

Some people have been recording their reactions while seeing the answer while others are commenting on the same.

‘How did Dora the Explorer die’ TikTok trend explained

‘How did Dora the Explorer die’ started picking up on the platform a couple of days ago and people have been reacting to the same. In the trend, TikTok users are asked to Google ‘How did Dora die’ and react to the same.

Mostly, it is people blind reacting to the question. Given that Dora has been a part of so many people’s childhood, the answers are leaving people speechless.

What is interesting is that people have been getting different answers to the same question. For instance, one answer that is commonly found by people is that Dora had died after she drowned.

Meanwhile, another popular answer is she was hit by a lightning bolt.

Did Dora really die?

No, Dora never died on the show. In the end, Dora finally manages to reach the locale with the help of her backpack and boots.

In the end, the two sing their famous song: “We did it” and went on to thank the viewers who had been watching the show. While the show had a happy ending, there are sites that have given a creepy ending to the story.

However, those are not true. In the series, Dora does not die and has a happy ending by finally accomplishing her mission.

Photo by Marianna Massey/Getty Images for Big W

Is the show still going on?

No, the show has ended. The reruns of the old episodes are still being aired on Nikelodeon Jr and people who wish to watch it can do so.

At the same time, there are old episodes that are available for viewers to watch on YouTube. However, no new episode of the show has come out since the time it last aired in 2019.

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