Despite a poor response from critics and box office collection, Attack Part 2 is still the plan for John Abraham as the film releases for streaming on ZEE5.

The Indian cinema industry has had an incredible 2022 so far with the likes of RRR and KGF Chapter 2 shattering records, not only across the country but across the world.

However, not every big production experienced the same levels of success that these two iconic films had, most notably John Abraham’s recent action blockbuster Attack Part 1.

The film had just been released for OTT streaming on the ZEE5 network, with fans immediately looking to the future and whether Attack Part 2 is still the plan after its now-infamously poor theatrical performance.

Attack Part 1 lands for OTT streaming on ZEE5

Earlier today, May 27th, the Attack Part 1 movie was finally released for OTT streaming via the ZEE5 network.

The film had originally meant to premiere in theatres back in August 2020; however, like countless other projects from around the world, had to be delayed because of production suspension barring the coronavirus pandemic.

A new release date was set for January 28th, but the surge in Omicron variant cases forced the Attack Part 1 team to postpone the premiere again until April 1st.

Per Bollywood Hungama, the first part of the Attack saga earned Rs 22.7 Crore – significantly lower than the Rs 70 Crore budget that was reported by OTT Play.

Attack Part 2 is part of the plan for Abraham

As the name ‘Attack Part 1’ suggests, at least one other movie from the saga was planned to be produced from the get-go. Speaking to Pinkvilla, creator and lead actor John Abraham said “we intend to make a part 2” and that the team “have got a script ready.”

“You can only decide to make a part 2 when the studio part is on board. So, we signed on for Attack 2 with Jayanti Bhai even before the release of Attack. I can’t comment on the commercial success of Attack, as am no trade expert, but I can say that we have made a very good film. When you see our film, you will realise that our film needs to take the story forward” – John Abraham, via Pinkvilla.

Abraham reportedly ended the statement by emphasising his commitment to turning Attack into a fully-fledged franchise. However, there is now a sense of caution surrounding the possibility of Attack Part 2 because of the box office failings of the recently released debut instalment.

As previously noted, Attack Part 1 only earned one-third of what the original budget was reported to be at the global box office – numbers that any production company never wishes to see on their financial record.

Abraham had himself set some lofty goals for the film prior to its theatrical bombing at the box office, revealing at a press event that they have pulled off a Hollywood-level production with a limited budget.

“If Hollywood can do it, why can’t Bollywood? My thing is, we have an obstacle of budget. But we have pulled it off on a limited budget. We can make films which can make the world see and say, wow India can make such films too. Be it Avengers or White House Down, why can’t we make such films?” – John Abraham, via Pinkvilla.

Whilst Abraham may be confident that he can turn Attack into a successful franchise with Part 2, we will have to wait and see whether the team at Pen India see the potential returns on their investment as worth the risk.  

How was Attack Part 1 rated by fans and critics?

Attack Part 1 was met with a decidedly mixed reaction from fans and critics alike. On the one hand, the movie has maintained a respectable, if not underwhelming, score of 7.3/10 on IMDB, 3.5/ on The Times of India’s and 4.8/5 on Filmfare’s user rating system. This also includes a shocking 50% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

However, critics’ reviews of the film were rather more scathing, with many being extremely critical of the screenplay and writing. Scores of 3/5 or 3.5/5 were seen across The Times of India, India Today, Pinkvilla, Bollywood Hungama, Lehren and The Free Press Journal.

“Attack: Part One, is an engaging watch, from start to finish. It could have been even better if some of the characters surrounding John’s Arjun Shergill were given more thought and leg-room.” – Rachana Dubey, via The Times of India.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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