Ted Cruz ‘doors’ comment has Twitter users stunned by Texas senator’s solution

Amber Peake

Texas senator Ted Cruz has spoken out following the Uvalde, Texas, school shooting that claimed the lives of 19 children and two teachers.  

While appearing on Fox News on Wednesday (25 May), Cruz called for new legislation to be passed and suggested schools would be safer if they implemented a one-way door system. 

Ted Cruz’s “doors” comment has been making the rounds online as Twitter users share their thoughts on the micro-blogging platform. 

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Texan senator calls for new legislation

While appearing on Fox News on Wednesday, Ted Cruz talked about how to make things safer at schools following the massacre in Uvalde, Texas. 

Cruz called for the hardening of laws around schools as he explained: “Something we can do is pass legislation.” 

Cruz went on to mention past legislation he had proposed in 2013, which didn’t get past a vote. He explained he had: “Introduced legislation that would spend $300 million on federal grants to harden schools.” 

The senator added he proposed federal grants would go towards “bulletproof doors, bulletproof glass (and) to put in armed police officers to protect kids”.

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Ted Cruz suggests one-way door system

During his Fox News feature the Texan senator also proposed schools would be safer with a one-way door system. 

While discussing how the shooter entered the school, Cruz put forward the notion of having one door as both an entrance and exit.

The senator explained: “One door into and out of the school and have that one door armed with police officers.”

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Ted Cruz ‘doors’ comment leaves some Twitter users in disbelief

The Texan senator’s comments have circulated around social media as many Twitter users share their reactions.

One user tweeted: “Ted Cruz says the doors are the problem. Not the gun, not the gun laws, not the state of mental healthcare… DOORS!”

Another added: “So your solution is less doors rather than less guns… Interesting.”

A third wrote: “We need stricter gun reforms, not less doors in schools.”

HITC sends its thoughts and prayers to the families affected by the Uvalde shooting.

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