Ahead of her birthday celebrations, Mattel have honoured actress and activist Laverne Cox with a Barbie doll in her image.

This weekend Cox will celebrate her 50th birthday, and for the occasion, Mattel captured the star’s likeness in doll form.

Following the doll’s reveal on Today, we take a look at where Laverne Cox fans can buy the collectable Barbie doll.

The Overnight | Official Trailer

The Overnight | Official Trailer

Laverne Cox gets her own Barbie doll

Laverne Cox is the latest figure to have her likeness made into a Barbie as part of the Tribute Collection. The actress and activist’s doll comes days before her 50th birthday (29 May).

Cox’s Barbie features a multitude of looks in one as the doll is seen to sport a red tule dress and corset style top over the top of a silver metallic bodysuit.

Talking of the different looks that fans can style the doll on Today, Cox explained: “This bustier comes off, and then the dress underneath comes off so you can mix and match the style.”

The actress is one of a growing list of dolls within the Tribute Collection. The line has also honoured Hollywood legend Lucille Ball, renowned fashion designer Vera Wang and, more recently, English monarch Queen Elizabeth II.

Fans have hoped for a Laverne Cox Barbie release for a while

In 2018 Mattel released a series of dolls in tribute to notable figures, including Frida Kahlo and Amelia Earhart, as part of its Inspiring Women line.

Following the release, a fan-made petition on Change.org was created, which called for actress Laverne Cox to be added to the range as the “first trans woman Barbie doll.”

The creator Jason Preston even tweeted out the petition which at the time caught the attention of Cox as she gushed she “would love to be a Barbie doll”:

While it only ended up getting just over 1,600 signatures, four years on, the petition has come to life as Laverne Cox has finally got her own Barbie doll.

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Where to buy Laverne Cox’s new Barbie

The Laverne Cox Barbie is available to buy online from today, Wednesday, 25 May and is priced at $40. Fans can find the doll on Amazon, MattelCreations, Target and Walmart.

Past editions of the Tribute Collection have sold pretty quick. As per the Hollywood Reporter, the Lucille Ball doll sold out not long after its release.

The Independent reports that the Queen Elizabeth limited edition doll also sold out in quick succession as the Barbie is said to have gone out of stock at British retailer John Lewis in three seconds.