Earlier this week, things got heated between rapper Lil Wayne and Dallas Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban on Twitter following Sunday’s game (15 May) between the Dallas Mavericks and the Phoenix Suns.

A past tweet from the rapper regarding Dallas Mavericks’ Luka Dončić came back to haunt him this week as the team’s owner fired back after Sunday’s Suns v Mavericks game.

The exchange has since escalated further as Lil Wayne has clapped back at Cuban with a tweet of his own, with fans wondering what happened between the two.

This Is Us | Series Finale Official Trailer

This Is Us | Series Finale Official Trailer

Mark Cuban and Lil Wayne’s Twitter exchange explained

The Twitter exchange between Mark Cuban and Lil Wayne kicked off at the start of the month as Lil Wayne mentioned Dallas Mavericks player Luka Dončić in a tweet following the 8 May Suns v Mavericks game.

This week the two teams played against each other again with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban quoting the tweet as he fired back at the rapper.

At Sunday’s game, Lil Wayne was seen sitting front row with Cuban’s tweet featuring a picture of the rapper courtside as he wrote: “It’s a s**t show, put you front row,” which were lyrics from Lil Wayne’s 2018 song Uproar.

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Lil Wayne warns Mark Cuban ‘it’s up’ as rapper fires back at tweet

Following Cuban’s use of Lil Wayne’s own lyrics against him, the rapper has since clapped back at the Dallas Mavericks owner’s tweet.

According to Complex, in a now since-deleted post, Lil Wayne addressed him as he wrote: “Mark Cuban don’t make me get u smacked boy U playing w me?? I will piss in ya f*n mouth h*.”

He followed up with a second tweet, which appears to be still live on the rapper’s account, which read: “Ya lil b***h, it’s up.”

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Lil Wayne is a Phoenix Suns fan

Fans of the rapper may already know that Lil Wayne is a supporter of the Phoenix Suns.

His recent courtside appearance is not the only time he has been spotted from the sidelines over the years.

Lil Wayne is a longtime friend of the team’s point guard Chris Paul with the pair said to have first crossed paths in 2005.

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