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Speaking on the Premier League’s YouTube channel, Philippe Coutinho has been discussing Roberto Firmino.

The Aston Villa star was tasked with creating a dream five-a-side team made up of Brazilians who have played in the Premier League, and his former Liverpool teammate made the cut as a striker.

Firmino and Coutinho played together for Liverpool, and the Brazilian says that he really enjoyed sharing the pitch with his fellow countryman.

However, Coutinho stated that he could have even more fun with Firimino if they played five-a-side football together.

What’s been said?

Coutinho spoke about Firmino.

“Firmino, I played with him he’s great and I enjoyed playing with him. For sure, playing in a small space like futsal, we could have a lot of fun,” Coutinho said.

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Dream team

When it comes to five-a-side, we can’t think of two Premier League players who would be better than Firmino and Coutinho.

Yes, there are better players in the league these days, but on a small pitch, it’s all about close control and skill, and these two are absolutely incredible on that front.

Of course, they’re both remarkable 11-a-side players as well, but we can imagine that Liverpool training was a nightmare back in the day playing against these two on a five-a-side pitch.

Who knows? Perhaps one day we’ll see Coutinho and Firmino line up together to play a small-sided game in a Masters Football competition for Liverpool once they’re retired.

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