The patch notes for SMITE update 9.5 have been shared and they include a release date for the upcoming Slipknot crossover event that has a bunch of skins to unlock.

There’s lots for fans of the popular game to anticipate during May 2022 aside from just the metal collaboration. New Heavenly Light Skins are coming out and SMITE Night is also returning as a one-day event for Saturdays.

While the above is exciting, the highlight of May is undoubtedly the bizarre crossover with one of the greatest heavy metal bands of all time.

Smite x Slipknot | Trailer

Smite x Slipknot | Trailer

When is the SMITE x Slipknot crossover event?

The release date for the SMITE x Slipknot crossover event is May 17th.

This comes courtesy of the update 9.5 patch notes. In addition to the heavy metal crossover, the following will also launch from the above date:

  • Blast from the Past Battle Pass
  • SMITE Night
  • New Heavenly Light Skins

Remember that SMITE Night will only happen on Saturdays and a bonus 9.5 update will release on May 31st.

Skins and rewards to unlock

Below are all the skins part of the SMITE x Slipknot event:

  • Mick Thomson Chaac Skin
  • Jim Root Chaac Skin
  • Alessandro Venturella Chaac Skin
  • Michael Pfaff Raijin Skin
  • clown Raijin Skin
  • Jay Weinberg Raijin Skin
  • Corey Taylor Poseidon Skin
  • Sid Wilson Poseidon Skin
  • Craig Jones Poseidon Skin

All of the above skins will be attainable from the shop as well as chests also stuffed with the following unlockable cosmetic rewards:

  • Slipknot Jump Stamp
  • Slipknot Level Up
  • Slipknot Loading Screen
  • Slipknot Avatar
  • Slipknot Recall Skin
  • Maggot Player Title
  • Slipknot Music Theme

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