Jessica Jung’s new book, Bright, is causing a stir on social media as fans of the Korean-American singer and actress feel the story could be based on her journey as a K-pop idol and her exit from one of the most prominent girl groups in South Korea, Girls’ Generation, aka SNSD.

For the unversed, Jessica Jung’s latest book, Bright, was released on May 10th and within hours, fans took to social media to discuss some of the excerpts that a few fans feel are more real than fiction.

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Why Jessica Jung’s new book is making fans talk about SNSD

Jessica Jung’s book Bright is about a famous K-pop singer, Rachel Kim, who is a member of the girl group, Girls Forever.

According to the summary on Google Books: “Girls Forever is now the number-one K-pop group in the world, and her fame skyrockets after her viral airport styling attracts the attention of fashion’s biggest names. Her life’s a swirl of technicolor glamour and adoring fans. Rachel can’t imagine shining any brighter.”

But, things change when Rachel falls for a starry-eyed boy named Alex, and how an act of betrayal shatters her world.

While the story of Jessica Jung’s Bright is written under the pretense of fiction, here are some of the excerpts from the book that is making fans feel otherwise.

For the unversed, Jessica left Girls Generation in 2014. She stated through a post from her on her Weibo account that she had been “forced out” of the group.

Later, SM Entertainment confirmed that Girls’ Generation will continue as an eight-girl act without Jessica, who was still under the music label as a solo artist.

She left SM Entertainment in 2015.

In Jessica’s book, Rachel Kim’s love for her fashion line together with her K-pop career has been suggested as one of the causes for her to leave Girls Forever.

By sharing excerpts from the book, fans have noted how Rachel Kim’s character has a very similar storyline to what Jessica has had to go through following her SNSD exit.

“Suddenly the line “SNSD lost 1 sister but Jessica lost 8” hitting me right through the guts,” wrote one fan after sharing a few lines from the book.

One fan defended SNSD by saying: “As a fan of SNSD for 10 years now and Jessica-biased. I know there are 2 sides to the coin. The 8 members might’ve done something wrong and J might’ve done something wrong too. I still love these 9 girls no matter what.”

Another similar tweet read, “Taeyeon is SNSD’s voice. Jessica was the power and strength. Sunny is the personality. Tiffany is the mind and heart. Hyoyeon is the presence and humbleness. Yuri is the core. Sooyoung is the smiles and warmth. Yoona is the face. Seohyun is the wisdom and elegance. THEY ALL SNSD.”

Here are a few more excerpts from the book:

Where to get Jessica Jung’s new book Bright?

Jessica Jung’s new book, Bright, is available on Amazon and Google Books among other sites. Click here to get a copy.

Her previous book, Shine, is also available in online and offline formats. Click here for more information.