Another Dead By Daylight and Resident Evil collaboration has leaked for Chapter 25 and it claims that Ada Wong will be a new DBD Survivor with Rebecca Chambers and that Albert Wesker will be the Killer.

It’s an exciting time for Dead By Daylight fans. The Chapter 24 and Anniversary event 2022 livestream is right around the corner and it is expected to coincide with the release of the PTB for the next episode.

While leaks show that the Anniversary episode will be entirely original, further news suggests that another collaboration with Capcom will follow.

Dead by Daylight | Urban Art Collection Trailer

Dead by Daylight | Urban Art Collection Trailer

Dead By Daylight x Resident Evil Chapter 25 leak

Leaks say that Dead By Daylight Chapter 25 is a new collaboration with Resident Evil.

This comes courtesy of DBDLeaks on Twitter. The first collaboration between Capcom and BeHaviour Interactive came in 2021 and it coincided with the fifth Anniversary event.

The episode starred Jill Valentine and Leon Kennedy as Survivors with Nemesis as the big baddie. It was well received and still remains one of the game’s most popular DLC packages.

DBD Albert Wesker killer and Rebecca Chambers survivor

Leaks suggest that the Dead By Daylight x Resident Evil collaboration for Chapter 25 will star Albert Wesker as the Killer with Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers as Survivors.

This would align with last year’s crossover that had two protagonists and one bad guy. Ada Wong is a fan-favourite RE protagonist mostly recognised from RE2 and RE4.

Meanwhile, Rebecca Chambers is a lesser known character to casual fans. She was a supporting hero in the first game, and there are rumours that she will star in an unannounced title named Resident Evil Outrage.

Lastly, Albert Wesker is a famous villain from the series. He is basically responsible for most of the horrific events in the entire franchise and he notably died in RE5.

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