Mike Myers has been a near-constant presence on our screens since breaking into the film and TV industry in the 1970s and while the days of Austin Powers and Shrek are behind him for now, the Canadian is back with a brand new series on Netflix.

That series is The Pentaverate, a comedic mystery series that delves into the world of conspiracy theories and secret societies.

But as the show’s own trailers understand, the series is leaving fans with a few questions, most notably in relation to the meaning of The Pentaverate title itself.

The Pentaverate | Official Trailer

The Pentaverate | Official Trailer

The Pentaverate: Release date and plot

After the Mike Myers series was first announced in April 2019, The Pentaverate finally arrived on Netflix on Thursday, May 5th, 2022.

The mystery-filled comedy series tells the story of an outdated Canadian journalist, Ken Scarborough, who finds himself embroiled in a mission to uncover the truth about a secretive society known as the Pentaverate.

With the help of some unlikely friends, Ken traces the history of the organisation back to the 14th century and uncovers a plot that could potentially spell the end of the world.


Meaning of The Pentaverate title explained

The Pentaverate is a secret society led by five of the most powerful and influential people on the planet.

It began in 1347 when a group of five men discovered that the Black Plague was being spread by fleas on the backs of rats and not by the will of God as the church claimed.

The five men were shunned and branded as heretics for their beliefs and later founded the secret society so that they could influence humanity for the greater good.

Made up of some of the most powerful people on the planet, the Pentaverate gets its name from the Latin-derived terms ‘Pent’ and ‘Vera’ meaning ‘five’ and ‘truth’, which shows that the five members of the organisation are the only people who know the real truth.


Real-life origins of the Pentaverate

While the Pentaverate may share a number of similarities with the infamous Illuminati, the secret society is purely a work of fiction – as far as we’re aware.

However, the mysterious group does have origins in the real world as the name is actually a reference to the 1993 Mike Myers film So I Married an Axe Murderer.

In the black comedy, Mike Myers plays two characters, Charlie Mackenzie and his Scottish father, Stuart.

Stuart is an avid conspiracy theorist and gets his news from the Weekly World News, which was a genuine satirical news publication that ran from the late 1970s until 2007 before resurfacing as an online publication in 2009.

In one of the movie’s scenes, Stuart discusses the secretive Pentaverate society and claims that the five people who make up the organisation are the Queen, the Pope, the Gettys, the Rothschilds and KFC’s Colonel Sanders.


The Pentaverate is available to stream now on Netflix after releasing on Thursday, May 5th, 2022.

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