As One Piece fans celebrate Monkey D. Luffy’s birthday with amazing artwork, many are curious as to how old the Straw Hats Pirates crew are?

It’s rather astonishing that there are members of the One Piece community who are today, May 5th, posting Luffy-inspired artwork who were not even born when the iconic manga first debuted in July 1997.

Even if you aren’t an avid One Piece manga reader or anime watcher, we can all appreciate fantastic fanart and that’s exactly what is trending worldwide on social media. Yet despite the global community liking and sharing various breathtaking pieces of fanart, many are now curious as to how old Luffy and the Straw Hats crew actually are?

One Piece Odyssey | Announcement Trailer

One Piece Odyssey | Announcement Trailer

How old is Luffy in One Piece?

Monkey D. Luffy’s birthday is May 5th, which in modern Japan is known as Children’s Day in Japan and is part of the Golden Week celebrations, but how old is Luffy in the One Piece series?

When we are first introduced to the future captain of the Straw Hats in his chapter 1 debut, Luffy is aged just 7-years-old.

In Volume 4, which was released in August 1998 and July 2004 for the Japanese and English launches respectively, Eiichiro Oda revealed in the SBS section that Luffy was 17-years-old before the infamous timeskip.

Per the series’ Fandom page, the timeskip then takes place in chapter 598 volume 61 (released in February 2011 and March 2012 respectively) and lasts for two years in the main One Piece story timeline.

Finally, in volume 69 (released in March and December 2013), this is confirmed with Luffy’s official post-timeskip profile revealing that he is now 19-years-old.

Since then, we’ve had no indication of the amount of time time that has passed, so that’s the latest figures we have for the Straw Hat captain – but what about his crew?

How old are the rest of the Straw Hats?

Whilst Luffy is amongst the youngest characters from the One Piece series, he isn’t the youngest member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Per the series’ various Fandom pages, the Straw Hats are of the following ages and as you can see by the dates of their birthdays, there are actually two characters that are younger than Luffy – Chopper and Nefertari Vivi.

  • Roronoa Zoro: November 11th, 19-years-old (pre-timeskip) and 21-years-old (post-timeskip)
  • Nami: July 3rd, 18-years-old (pre-timeskip) and 20-years-old (post-timeskip)
  • Usopp: April 1st, 17-years-old (pre-timeskip) and 19-years-old (post-timeskip)
  • Sanji: March 2nd, 19-years-old (pre-timeskip) and 21-years-old (post-timeskip)
  • Chopper: December 24th, 15-years-old (pre-timeskip) and 17-years-old (post-timeskip)
  • Nico Robin: February 6th, 28-years-old (pre-timeskip) and 30-years-old (post-timeskip)
  • Franky: March 9th, 34-years-old (pre-timeskip) and 36-years-old (post-timeskip)
  • Brook: April 3rd, 88-years-old (pre-timeskip) and 90-years-old (post-timeskip)
  • Jinbei: April 2nd, 44-years-old (pre-timeskip) and 46-years-old (post-timeskip)
  • Nefertari Vivi: February 2nd, 16-years-old (pre-timeskip) and 18-years-old (post-timeskip)

Fans celebrate Luffy’s birthday with amazing fanart

As is the case whenever an anime character has a birthday, social media platforms around the world explode with incredible fanart.

Today, May 5th, the One Piece community is sharing some of their best Luffy artwork, featuring drawings, paintings, graphics, animations and all things D. Monkey-related.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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