Popular ESPN First Take host Stephen A Smith was missing from the show today (3 May). Fans have been speculating where Stephen A Smith, even tweeting the show for an update on his status.

Fans have been asking where Stephen A Smith is today after the host failed to appear on his regular show.

Instead, other regular guests such as Molly Qerim have been on. Stephen A has become the undoubted star of the show (more on this in a minute). His entertaining and explosive debating style has captivated audiences for years and, as a result, many are disappointed by his absence.

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Fans question where Stephen A Smith is on First Take

Despite various people filling in on the show, people are missing Smith. Twitter was full of people asking where Stephen A Smith is on First Take this week.

‘Where’s @stephenasmith’, asked one person. ‘When you coming back to First Take’, asked another.

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Smith updates everyone on his whereabouts

It seems as though Stephen A Smith won’t be away for too long. He provided an update of his whereabouts on Monday afternoon.

He wrote on Twitter: ‘Haaa! It’s amazing to see Coach Bickerstaff on @FirstTake. Love it. Thanks Coach. Sorry I’m not there today. As for you JJ, you DO know what chair you’re sitting in, right? Sit up! Speak with conviction and leave the smoothness to me. Nice look @MollyQerim. I approve.’

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People have been enjoying JJ Redick on the new-look First Take recently

First Take was shaken up last year with regular co-host Max Kellerman moving to ESPN radio. He was replaced by a rotating roster of guests, including former NBA player JJ Redick.

On an episode towards the end of 2021, Redick was quick to defend LeBron James against Stephen A Smith, who claimed ‘The King’ “has never been feared” by opposing players.

Redick wasn’t having any of it, calling Smith out saying he didn’t know if he actually believes what he’s saying.

He said: “I don’t know whether to believe that you believe what you’re saying. That’s crazy. That’s crazy. When has there been a situation, if you’re talking physical confrontation. Nobody has ever challenged LeBron.” 

People were full of praise for JJ for actually having the bottle to stand up to Stephen A.

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