Rumours the US agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack was arrested last week have been making the rounds on social media, but this simply isn’t true.

The internet can be a wonderful fount of information that’s easy to access. However, such easy access makes it just as easy for people to put out whatever information they want – real or fake.

Allegations against Tom Vilsack

Vilsack is the Democratic agricultural secretary for President Joe Biden.

Real Raw News claimed the 71-year-old had been arrested regarding a planned demolition of agricultural processing facilities in the US to “create a food shortage”.

The publication claimed “sources” told them the agricultural secretary had been linked to fires at processing facilities and farm land, with Vilsack arrested by “White Hats”.

The article claimed 15 similar incidents had gone unreported and were related to the “gradual destruction of the American food chain”.

Was Vilsack arrested?

No. US agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack was not arrested last week.

A United States Department Of Agriculture spokesperson told AG Web Farm Journal the rumours were just that, rumours.

They told the publication: “I can confirm (Tom Vilsack) was not (arrested). This appears to be disinformation.”

Vilsack certainly isn’t in jail as on Monday, May 2nd he met with the Dominican Republic’s minister of agriculture:

Fake news

Real Raw News is well known for publishing conspiracy theories. The publication erroneously reported US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor had been arrested and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had been hanged at Guantanamo Bay.

It also seems to hold a grudge against the current US government as the article on Vilsack begins by labelling President Biden a “criminal”.