Mino Raiola has debunked false death reports which claimed the Italian agent has died, sparking people’s interest to know more about his career.

Raiola was hospitalised on Thursday and he is alive and well, the agent confirmed in a Twitter post hours ago.

“I am outraged by phone calls from so-called journalists speculating on the life of a man who is fighting,” head of the Intensive Care Unit at San Raffaele Hospital told Italian news agency ANSA.

Amid the reports, the public’s attention turned on Raiola’s background, career and net worth.

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Who is Mino Raiola?

Mino Raiola was born in 1967 and moved to Haarlem, Netherlands with his parents as a child.

Raiola attended university for two years before he dropped out. He shortly played for the youth team of HFC Haarlem when he was 18.

He began his career as an agent at the sports agent company Sports Promotions where he assisted with the transfer of players such as Marciano Vink and Wim Jonk.

Raiola is one of the best-known agents in the field and has represented a number of top football players, including Marco Verratti, Gianluigi Donnarumma, Matthijs de Ligt, Erling Haaland, and others.

Mino Raiola’s net worth

According to Forbes, Raiola has an estimated net worth of $84.7 million. The mastermind is among the top five most powerful sports agents in the entire world and earns his money from commissions on contract negotiations.

During his career, he has negotiated more than $847.7 million in contracts. Raiola is the super-agent behind Paul Pogba’s $140 million transfer to Manchester United in 2016.

Raiola has also represented Marco Verratti, Lorenzo Insigne and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

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Agent debunks false reports

Taking to Twitter on Thursday, April 28th, Raiola debunked the false death reports after many concerned fans flooded social media with messages.

“Current health status for the ones wondering: P****d off second time in 4 months they kill me,” he tweeted. “Seem also able to resuscitate.”

We send our best wishes to Mino Raiola for his speedy recovery.

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